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Why SanityDesk Is So Special? 

All-in-one solution

All-in-one Solution (like really) 

The Ultimate All-in-one Platform To Grow Your Business Online. Less Hustle more Sanity. 

Working with clients is already complicated enough, make sure you are not adding another stress factor to your life. Do not stress about tech, let SanityDesk do its job. 

Use our one-stop software to make sure you can focus on what really matters - launching, growing, and scaling your client's business online. And we can be there to take care of the tech. 

Page Builder · Email Marketing · CRM & Automations · Quizzes · Funnel Builders · Website Personalization · Sales CRM · Support Ticketing · Task Manager · SMS & Calls

All the tools you need are integrated together in SanityDesk. 

Web Personalisation 4

Web Personalisation

Nowadays, personalisation is a key to getting peoples' attention. Knowing who your audience is, what it wants, and having the ability to serve them in the best way possible is what makes you and your clients stand out from the crowd. 

Get to know who your customers are and design a custom communication just for them.

Combine multiple data points about each client to create unique variations of every block on every page, email, and communication they ever see.

Speak to your clients and make sure to be relevant to want they need. 

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Having a video in your funnel or thinking about adding one? We have something for you. 

Use the SanityDesk video analytics tool, and understand how people engage with the content you produce. Adjust easily to your clients' needs and wants with SanityDesk.

Even more to that, based on the data you get make sure to send automated emails and SMSs to your clients. Add a personal touch to every email and SMS you send by adding variations. 

Automations make your life easier and more fun, so use them. 



Become certified on SanityDesk and get access to our marketplace. Gain even more clients who are ready to pay you for your knowledge and expertise. 

No need to go and look for clients somewhere, let them find you. Show them the results you can deliver and get ready to handle a higher workload. 

Personal Support

Personal Support 

Get your personal project manager who can handle your tech for you. Having a person dedicated to helping you grow your business - sounds like a dream, right?

SanityDesk will make your dream come true. 

Trusted by 2,000+ small businesses selling services

coaches · consultants · agencies · advisors · and other businesses selling services

Imagine Having Just One Piece Of Software To Help Your Clients Grow 

Meet all your Tech Needs in one Software: Website & Funnel Pages, Marketing Automation, Sales CRM, Support Desk, and Team Communication, and more. 

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Managing a business online is too expensive and complicated.

SanityDesk helps you eliminate both of those frustrations. 

No more: 

  • Stitching multiple tools together;

  • Paying hundreds of dollars for various tools;

  • Learning how to use 10+ different SaaS solutions ;

  • Trying to make sure that all of the systems are integrated and work together;

  • Having to switch between tools.

We got you covered with all-in-one software that will make your life easier.

SanityDesk is the only solution you need

10+ tools to help you create, build, and manage your clients' business online.

No-code Website Builder: Find and attract your customers online with your website or funnel pages.

Email Builder & Marketing Automation tool: Create emails and personalize your communication with clients. Make sure to automate the processes to make your life easier. 

Sales CRM Software: Connect your sales team with your prospects. 

Support Desk: Support your customers through an omnichannel inbox tool to make sure you never miss a request from your customer.

Task Management Software: Organize yourself and your team to serve your customers and run your business.

We Offer Plans For Every Size Of Business

Whether you're just starting out or are an established agency with advanced needs, SanityDesk has a plan for you.

Try SanityDesk for free today. 

No credit card required. Ultimate unlimited access. 

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Wayne Stevens
One stop shop for all your marketing It is always immediately clear whether or not a company actually cares about its customers. SanityDesk has support 24/7, not from a bot but from real, talented staff members. I have been delighted with my journey on this platform, it does everything I ever need to do as a marketerr from funnel build, to website to email automation to CRM - you name it! Also knowing that whatever issue I face, there will always be resolution. Love it.
Damion Mitchell
I've been working with SanityDesk for four months now and I couldn't be happier. We are part of the Certified Marketers on the platform and we support SanityDesk by utilising their Story Telling frameworks to get their small business customers real-world marketing results. Not only that, but we also use SanityDesk for our own customers and we get great results using their quiz funnels and other tools. I absolutely recommend this platform, its staff, and its commitment to Small Businesses and Digital Marketers.
Charlie Govea
Charlie Govea Montaño
SanityDesk is just what I was looking for to grow my business. Having everything in one place has given me the opportunity to serve more of my clients and add more value to them. Their customized assistance is brilliant and the connections you make within their community are priceless. Just the right place to build and launch your online business 🚀😀


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