Wesbite 101 masterclass

Lesson #1: Building Your Website Strategy

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Lesson 1: Website Strategy

Here you'll lay the crucial foundation you absolutely must put in place before you do anything else.  


Well, just as you would never build a house without a good architectural plan, you need to set your objectives and intentions in this stage so that you can give yourself the best possible chance of success. This is what separates "wanna-preneurs" from entrepreneurs.  

Nail this part first and then everything that follows will become so much easier.

Lesson 2: Designing Your Site

Of course, you want a beautiful website that truly reflects your own personality and mission.  

But you also need it to be simple and functional.

Can you really do both?


There's a way to get the best of both worlds by using proven design principles and elements.

In this lesson, you'll watch over the shoulder as we construct a clean and functional website design from scratch in just minutes.

Lesson 3: Website Copywriting

Okay, so you've nailed down your strategy.

And you've picked the colour schemes and images to go along with a clean layout that's designed to inform and convert your visitors.

But what about your actual message?

Your words matter!

And in this lesson, you'll learn exactly what to say on your site, and how to say it. When you combine your words with the right images, and you learn how to connect them the deepest desires of your audience, you now have the most effective way of bringing your mission to the entire world.

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  • Call #3: Write Your Website (You'll get expert copywriting that speaks to your ideal customers - their goals, their pains, their emotions) 

  • Call #4: Automate Your Marketing, Sales, & Customer Support (We'll set up the essential processes that enable you to perform as a business 2-3x your size while saving your time)

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