Ticket Systems: Why Do You Need It?

Anna Lomsadze

Apr 22, 2022

Features to Look for in a Ticket Management Software

Do you know what is the cheapest channel to acquire new customers?...

… Referrals from existing customers! And those can be beneficial for you in 2 ways: 

  • You won't need to spend money on marketing; 

  • The sales cycle will be way shorter (since your existing customer already persuaded them to get in touch with you). 

There is another thing though. It’s always more profitable to keep a current business (or client)  than to try to win a new one. And what is the cheapest way to do it...?

…Customer satisfaction!

Having questions and queries is a part of a day to day client - business relationship. But the ability to solve those issues goes a long way in establishing customer satisfaction. 

A customer wants problems to be solved in the shortest time possible. So, quick resolution of problems helps make clients happy and establishes a good reputation of a company on the market. 

Now, some problems take longer to solve, and that's okay. Everybody understands that!

Your customer won’t hate you for taking a week to solve a complex issue. But, they may hate the experience if you don’t let them know that you are working on solving the issue. Thus, constant communication is very important. 

Unfortunately, many firms fail to maintain this basic relationship hygiene. They fail to track and prioritize requests, leading to short-term misunderstandings and long-term revenue impact.

At the end of the day, if your business is struggling with tracking and prioritizing customer requests, you are on your way to losing your valuable customers. 

But, fret not! An invention such as Ticketing Software comes to your rescue! 

You must have heard about them many times, but if you are still not sure what it actually does, and how it works - we’ve got you covered. 

Let's break it down piece-by-piece for you. 

What exactly is ticketing software?

A ticketing software creates a ticket whenever an issue is raised. And a ticket in turn is an acknowledgment that a problem has been received and will be worked on. It helps in online “crowd management” and ensures that all the problems are queued correctly and will be solved at the earliest. 

In short, ticket management software (TMS), enables smoother communication between the company and the customers, and any issue gets handled more efficiently. 

All the requests from different channels (e.g. complaints received on-site, on-call, or maybe as a comment on a Facebook post ) get stored in one location. They then go through categorization and prioritization processes after what is distributed to different departments to be resolved. 

Let's Look at Ticketing Software Types

Broadly, there are two types of ticketing software: 

  • Email Ticketing

  • Customer Service Ticketing for SMEs

For small and mid-size businesses, efficient ticketing software is a boon. In its absence, problems can pile up, escalate and become overwhelming for both the senior management and solopreneurs.

A proper TMS in place reduces the escalations and ensures that the mundane tasks don't eat into time that should be dedicated to business growth.

Moreover, online ticketing tools are way more convenient than sending your team and clients limitless emails. 

They help to categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets automatically. You don't need to go through the complexities of tags and folder structures. 

Most importantly, a Ticket Management system assigns a TAT (turnaround time) based on SLA policy. 

What is an SLA policy? It is simply the Service Level Agreement or in simpler words - a promise. A company might promise customers that they would start addressing a request in less than 24 hours.

Benefits of a Ticket Management System 

Some key benefits of ticketing software are:

  • Streamlining customer queries: Ticket management software helps store all the issues (queries) raised across channels in one location. The hassle of juggling amidst multiple tools is gone now.

  • Easy access to context: Ticket management service gives you (or your support agents) access to the previous interactions with individual customers. As you have the context, you can come up with better solutions to better serve your clients. You can access all the information in one unified customer database, which will also save your precious time.

  • Automating tasks: A ticketing software automates routine tasks for improving the speed and efficiency of responses to ensure better efficiency for you and your business.

  • Making the customers self-sufficient: The customer service team can use the TMS data to identify common issues that customers a facing. They can then publish documents and solutions to help resolve those issues - helping clients self-serve rather than go to the service desk. Companies like AT&T, Lenovo, and Cisco have successfully brought down customer service costs by 20-50% by increasing the proportion of self-service.

  • Better view of the team performance: The helpdesk ticketing tool helps gauge how the support team responds to customer queries. You can draw insights from different metrics and use the data for driving future decisions. Team members can learn from past case studies and become better and faster in resolving issues. 

  • Improving customer loyalty: Online ticketing software makes achieving customer satisfaction a lot easier. This makes the customers loyal to your company, and they will always praise you for their positive experiences.

How to pick a ticketing software for your business?

While picking a ticket management tool for your SME, you need to keep in mind certain key pointers. Let's check them out in detail:

  • Ease of  Use

    Go for a ticketing tool that is intuitive. A straight-forward User Interface (UI) in place will ensure that your agents (and yourself)  don't waste time on education and training. They can just get on board instantly! Trial periods are there to find out which software is easy to use, so do not skip them. 

  • The Price 

    Before making the final decision, look out for all the options you have. Compare the prices of different ticket managing software and the different plans they offer. Do not forget to ensure that they have all the features to make customer service easier for your company.

  • Multiple Platform Inclusivity

    First of all, you need to note how your customers reach out to you- via emails, phone, social media, customer support chat, and more. As per these customer support resources, you will need your ticketing system to handle every platform you offer your customers.

  • Customization Possibilities

    A TMS should allow you to tune custom parameters. For example, you may have different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with different customers. The Ticket Management System should let you enter SLA values and use the same for prioritizing queries.

Ticketing Systems for Small Businesses

So to wrap it all up, a ticket management system is necessary for customer satisfaction. A TMS ensures that your team is accountable to solve issues and concerns as per agreed timelines. Even if your business is small, a proper TMS can provide a professional flavor to your services. This can potentially open up doors for bigger wins. 

If you are looking for one ticket management software that will take care of all the customer service needs of your company, SanityDesk might just be what you need.  

With its Support Desks, you can respond to your customer queries in no time and resolve their issues quickly. Because establishing a brand reputation that people swear by is no joke. 

SanityDesk has become a favorite of professionals across niches, from coaches and marketing experts to consultants and therapists. 

With hundreds of happy customers around the globe, SanityDesk strives to make businesses flourish with utmost ease and efficiency.

Written by:

Anna Lomsadze

Junior Marketing Manager

Apr 22, 2022



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