The REAL Reason Holding You Back

Samuel P.N. Cook

Oct 24, 2021

We humans are weird.

We're not always so good at diagnosing what's holding us back from achieving our dreams.

Oftentimes, the reason we THINK is at fault ... 

... is not the real reason at all.

It's the fake reason.  The easy one.  The one that seems "obvious."

But many times it's just a proxy for the deeper, more fundamental problem.

I'll give you an example.

People think that if they could just eliminate the tech hassles in running their own website, they'd be home-free.  

And there IS some truth in that...

After all, I've been telling you in this email series that tech issues are one of the biggest obstacles holding you back from having a high-converting website that frees you up to do what you do best ...

And by "doing what you do best," I'm talking about the things all experts, coaches, consultants, authors do every day.

Things like ...

... sharing your expertise with your raving fans. 

... releasing your brilliant content into the wild. 

... delivering your life-changing courses and workshops to people you KNOW you can help. 

... helping clients get the results they want with your own particular brand of awesomeness.

... doing what you were born to do rather than spending your time trying to hire a programmer halfway around the world on Fiverr because your plugins on Wordpress started fighting with each other.

(We’ve all been there, haven’t we?)

dancing man

And yes...  

It IS true that when you find a tech solution that actually works FOR you instead of against you --- and a good place to start is right here --- then you're off to the races.

Let’s be honest …

Putting yourself — and your business — online can feel like going to the middle school dance all over again.

"Will anyone want to dance with me?  What will they think of me?"

That risk of tasting acid rejection is primal.  And REAL.

And I don't care who you are. 

No one is immune.

Everyone has felt this.

Look at this picture of Mick Jagger before he was, you know, Mick Jagger:

Mick Jagger

(Apparently, you have no chance of attracting her attention if your opponent is Alain Delon. Even if you’re Mick Jagger.)

Here's the ledge you're stepping out on:

You're submitting yourself to the marketplace for judgment.

That's no small thing.

It’s understandable that you want to get it exactly right.  

Let me tell you a story that illustrates this perfectly ...

When I first met running coach Bobby McGee, he had six Olympics to his credit and had earned a remarkable reputation over multiple decades for helping track athletes radically improve their performance.

I knew he was phenomenal because at one time he coached ME when I was a competitive runner and triathloner.  

And it’s not just his expertise…

When you’re face-to-face with Bobby getting coached, it’s like you’re the only person in the world to him.

If you're ever lucky enough to meet Bobby, you instantly realize this is someone whose passion for his craft supersedes any desire to cash in on it.

Results and integrity came first with Bobby, period, full stop.

And sadly, before meeting me, that's why he never made the money he could have.

His impact on the world was lessened because he wasn't willing to sacrifice his reputation online. 

So when I first started working with him, I scripted out some sales videos.

I said, "Bobby, I want you to look in the camera and say this."

"No," he said. "I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to sit there and prostitute myself online in order to make a few sales. I'd rather not make sales than do that."

Here's a guy who had carved out an impeccable reputation for knowing his craft better than anyone…

… delivering amazing results for his clients…

... and the last thing he wanted was to look like a used car salesman.

He didn't have to say another word.  I understood completely.

No internet marketing sales scripts for Bobby.  

No neuro linguistic programming "tricks" or "power words" to try and get people to click a "buy" button. 

Bobby was having none of that.   

So then I thought about creating some cartoons ... or scripting out some whiteboard "explainer" videos to show what Bobby did. 

But that didn’t feel right, either.

Then it hit me.

The real power was in Bobby, the person.

(News flash: You have that same power.)

I'm happy to say I found a way to get Bobby on camera without, as he put it, "feeling dirty" after the shoot.

Click here to see the story of how we got Bobby McGee on camera and created an online presence for himself that he could be proud to show anyone.

The story of Bobby McGee is just one reason I firmly agree that business is the ultimate personal development journey.

I got into this with No 1 international bestselling author and coach Peter Sage in a fascinating discussion you can watch here.

Here's the point I'm driving at:

Even if you map out the perfect website strategy ...

Even if you nail the most attractive and effective design ...

Even if your tech is constructed with the cleanest code...

... You're still left with one crucial piece staring you in the face.

And this piece is everything:

It's the COPY.

Because words matter.

Put the right words on your website, and your engagement goes through the roof and leads begin flowing like water.

But without them, you're as invisible as Mick Jagger on that couch with mismatched socks.

Copy is what stops a lot of people from ever launching.

That's because they intuitively KNOW that it's the words on their site that ultimately determine whether their message resonates with their intended audience.

When I realized this, I did something fairly radical with my clients...

I insisted that part of my website-building process included writing your copy for you.

More specifically, with you.

And we do this FAST...

... without hiring expensive copywriters.

... without agonizing guesswork.

... and fully knowing that what we create will connect with your audience.

It removes your last excuse.

Would you like to see this demonstrated in real time, with an actual client?

This is the same process I used with No. 1 international bestseller Peter Sage in the Website 101 MasterClass.

When you watch the training, you literally look over my shoulder as Peter and I discuss and build his entire website from scratch.

It’s the perfect training to help you model your own website while you watch (and we can provide all the tech to do it!)

 It's how we get authors, experts, coaches, consultants and business owners online in a way that honors their expertise and knowledge, not cheapen it.

Would you like to discover how we can help you do this for yourself?

Written by: Samuel P.N. Cook

Samuel P.N. Cook


Oct 24, 2021

Share: The Real Reason Holding You Back

Sometimes when we think we're solving one problem, we unintentionally create another problem that's even worse.

I see this ALL the time.  It’s where a lot of good intentions fall by the wayside.

This is especially true on the websites of many small businesses and entrepreneurs that I come across.

They think they’re doing right by their customers … when they’re actually doing the opposite.

I know that’s a little vague, but I’ll spell it out for you in my next post so that you don’t make the same mistake.

(Hint: There was a certain brilliance in those “Choose Your Adventure” books from back in the day.  If you happen to have one on your bookshelf, have it ready for the next post).

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