The Master Plan

Samuel P.N. Cook

Dec 27, 2020

In Season No. 5 of "The Clone Wars," George Lucas's highly successful animated TV adaptation of "Star Wars," there is a scene that was cut and never aired...

It was Darth Maul's "Master Plan" scene... which Darth Maul and Savage Opress plan to form an army of people that the Jedi have forgotten.

Darth Maul says to Savage:  "We have a ship. Now we must find a base.  And with a base, create an army around us."

"An army?" Savage replies. "How?"

Darth Maul answers:

"Greed, brother. We will use greed as our weapon. We will create an army of pirates, criminals, and the people the Republic has cast aside."

You don't have to be a Stars Wars superfan to see the similarity to "The Great Consolidation" I spoke of in my last email (which you can still read here)...

.. in which any number of SaaS companies (such as Slack) leveraged their own greed to abandon small entrepreneurs and businesses like yourself for greener and more larger corporate pastures.

This naturally represents everything we’re against at SanityDesk.

... in which any number of SaaS companies (such as Slack) leveraged their own greed to abandon small entrepreneurs and businesses like yourself for greener and more larger corporate pastures.

This naturally represents everything I'm against.

Which is why our own "Master Plan" has the exact opposite goal: To give YOU, the small business owner, all the strategies, tools, and connections you need to launch and grow your business online.

Let me give you the backstory — and some credit to Elon Musk — for inspiring us to create our own Master Plan ...

This is essential for you to understand if you want true independence from the Big Tech forces that would have you believe that achieving success online can only be done through complicated and ineffective tools that end up derailing you before you even have the chance to launch yourself.

The very success of your business depends on this.

Here’s what happened…

In August of 2006, Tesla CEO Elon Musk published a blog post called his "Master Plan."

The plan, which aspired nothing less than to go straight after Big Oil and Big Auto (the Evil Empire) to conquer the world of energy and transportation, was surprisingly simple.

... (which is perhaps the reason it's already had such an amazing impact on the world)...

First, Tesla would build the Roadster, a high-level sports car that would be so fast, so sexy, and so cool, that everyone with real money would want and buy it.


With the funds Tesla generated from the Roadster, he would then build a few luxury cars: the Model S and Model X.

These high priced — but not outrageously expensive — cars would allow him to sell to the so-called "rich" and not just the "ultra-rich."

The funds from the Model S would then fund the brand’s growth.  The resulting revenue would help build the mass market car (The Model 3).

And this is basically what Tesla has done.

I remember reading this Master Plan...

 ... and how it galvanized our own efforts to create SanityDesk, the all-in-one website platform that allows you to never have to worry about your tech again.

However, there was one major difference between Tesla's Master Plan and ours:

While creating a single, unified piece of software for ALL your online business needs was a crazy and insane goal on the order of remaking the energy and transportation industries (or putting a man on Mars, just sayin')...

We executed on this with one crucial difference:  

Our Roadster is laughably underpriced.

And in case you hadn't heard, we launched our Roadster earlier this year...

... against all odds, just as a worldwide pandemic was wreaking havoc and financial devastation on the entire planet...

And yet, we were still able to secure a $1.6 million investment round led by 2Enable Partners - a micro Venture Capital fund with two partners based in Silicon Valley and Boston.

How was this possible?

It’s because the vision behind our project is so clearly on the right side of history that no less than the legendary Bela Hatvany - the original co-founder of the fund backing us - came out of retirement to personally invest in SanityDesk.

Hatvany, in case you're not familiar, revolutionized the libraries and information industry 40 years ago by deploying the first CD-ROM Technology. 

And, before that, he invented the touch screen technology currently used on smartphones and tablets.

He then went on to found 2Enable Partners with his partner where they famously were the only investor in JustGiving before it was acquired in 2017…

JustGiving was a runaway success because it focused on the ‘long tail’ of serving individuals who wanted to engage in charitable giving.

Since he retired as an investor, he founded the Mustard Seed Trust that focuses on advancing sustainability for the planet’s natural and economic ecosystems (including causes of Zero Carbon Emissions and Universal Basic Income).

Bela’s work has always been about advancing causes that benefit the forgotten "common man"...

...bringing transformative technology, projects, and philanthropy to the masses, not just the corporate elite.  

I'm proud to say Bela Hatvany resonated with our vision immediately.

And look…

The greatest software in the world is nothing without a great strategy and creative content to fill it.

This is the hardest problem business owners have.

Not everyone understands this (we do).

Which is why no software on the market comes close to addressing the strategic and creative problems you face when launching your business online.

We solve this problem for you (and every other business owner in the world) with our brilliantly conceived software.

But it's not just the software...

It's the fact that we don't hide behind our software like others do.

That means dedicated 1-on-1 coaching and tech support ... even down to helping you put the exact words onto your page with the help of world-class copywriters (without the world-class fees :-)

This represents the next generation of building your business online. 

We built it.  And now it's your turn to use it. 

For just a fraction of the price of what you would pay for a marketing strategist, a designer, a web developer, and a copywriter to build you a world-class site, we will help you launch your business online...

... and all you have to do is pay a small upfront setup fee and subscribe to our software.

By joining this project now, you are participating in the ‘Roadster’ project that is the core of our Closed BETA project this coming year.

The funds and the learning we gain from working closely with entrepreneurs like you will fund the development of the future Model S and Model 3 versions of SanityDesk that will bring this Software to the masses.

Beginning tomorrow, you're going to see a special, limited-time opportunity to get in on this for the lowest price we will ever offer it.

We are limiting this special introductory price so that any serious business owner who needs to launch online can afford this.

We are strictly limiting the number of people who come on board.


It's because of the 1-on-1, hands-on assistance from a dedicated specialist — we want to make sure that enrollees will get all the help they need.

As I've said before, we'd rather have a small number of raving fans we can serve at the highest level, rather than open the doors to a horde of customers (which we could certainly do if we wanted) who would get a reduced level of support. 

It's all about results. YOUR results.

Please keep an eye on your inbox for the next email announcing the opening of this special offer.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet taken our “Apple Store Audit,” then click here now.

Written by:

Samuel P.N. Cook


Dec 27, 2020


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