The Apple Store as Your Online Business Template

Samuel P.N. Cook

Oct 23, 2021

"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."

— Steve Jobs

They say that success leaves clues.

And sometimes the best clues come from nature — even when we're talking about something tech-related, such as your website.

Take a look below at these two homes for owls:


Now, which design do you think an owl prefers...

... The one on the left that’s a perfectly natural fit that's been proven to work for countless millennia?  

... Or the one on the right forced upon the owl by a human being who "THINKS" he knows what's best?

(Side note about the image on the left: I described this "hiding-in-plain-sight" dynamic in my last email, in which I answered the all-important question, "So, do I really even NEED a website?"  If you missed that email, go read it here right now.)

And make no mistake...

...your website IS your home online.  

It's not just a home for you and your business…

...but a home for your prospects and customers.  

It's the home you open up for the entire world to see.

So given that…

Wouldn't you do whatever it took to make sure that home followed some basic laws of human nature that have been proven to work best?

Of course, you would.

Look, even if we have never met personally, let me take a guess at two things I know about you:

1.  You have some sort of gift or expertise you want to bring to the world, something you were born to do, something that others tell you all the time you should be doing.


2.  You want to present yourself to the world in a way that honors that gift, not cheapens it.  

You'd rather have no website than an ugly website.

How do I know these things?  Because this has been my journey too!

And for the last several years it's been my obsession to create the simplest and most effective way for any author, expert, entrepreneur to present themselves online with their own website.

I'm proud to say we’ve achieved that vision.  

I'm talking about a complete, all-in-one website solution ...

... one that you set up once and forget about it.

... one that makes all the technology and software an afterthought (not something you have to keep tinkering with like a leaky faucet).

... one that is something that works while you sleep, rather than something that makes you lose sleep).

... one that lets you focus on doing what you do best, whether that's delivering courses, workshops, consultations, coaching sessions or however you choose to deliver your brilliance.

Hard Truth: If you don’t have a website that gives you all the above, you’ll never be successful online.

So.  How did we do it?  How did I put it all together in a way that works seamlessly and is less expensive than existing alternatives?

More importantly, how can you do the same?


I dove deep into the world's most valuable brand, Apple.

Apple Steve Jobs

Systems Thinking: How Apple Became The World's Most Valuable Company 

(And How You Can Leverage the Same Genius for Your Own Online Property)

Even if you're not obsessed with an Apple product, you surely know someone who is.

Its cult-like following is a legend.  And if you ask most people to explain it, they'll say, "They make great products."

But plenty of companies make great products. And none have approached Apple's success.

Why is that?

It's because Apple is the ​preeminent ​standard​ of how storytelling and logistics can propel a company to dominance. 

There are lots I could go into here, including the storytelling genius of Steve Jobs ... Tim Cook's (no relation, sorry) brilliance when it came to logistics ...

But I'm going to focus on the part of Apple's system that's most relevant to small businesses: 

The Apple Store.

apple store

Think about the last time you were at an Apple Store ... 

... (back before the pandemic, of course, when we could all do such things without a second thought, sigh...)

It was probably packed, right?  

They usually are. 

There are lots of reasons for this, but it starts with the fact that their logistical system leaves no part of the customer experience to chance. 

You can do the same with your website.

Let's walk through the reasons the Apple Store creates such a "wow" experience for its customers to create an intensely loyal following, and how you might recreate this for your own site.

7 Ways the Apple Store Serves as the Perfect Website Model

1. ​Instant Appeal
It starts with a beautiful storefront that makes you want to go inside. The big shiny glass facade.  The feeling of open transparency.  You instantly know you’re in the right place.  You FEEL good.  And all the products set out on the tables in an appealing fashion that makes you want to touch them.  Which you are allowed — encouraged, even — to do.

Apple store inside

2. ​Intelligent High-value Layout​
The store's layout is carefully designed from a flow perspective, with the latest ​(and most expensive) ​products placed right inside the door.​ This is ​what smart companies do to maximize your opportunity to see the products that can add the most value to your life.

3. ​A Personal, Concierge Feel​
As soon as you ​enter the store,​ a friendly greeter asks what you're looking for. If it's an iPad, they will ​personally ​walk you over to the iPad section.  No "Ok Boomer" moments here.  Everyone is welcome, and no question is too stupid.

4. ​Filtering + Customized Solutions
You're then met by a salesperson who ​doesn't seem like a salesperson at all.  She feels just like a trusted friend who's more than happy to explain the features of various models and answer any questions. ​You'll also be asked exactly how you plan to use your iPad, which gives you confidence that you'll end up with the perfect choice for you.​

5. ​Convenience​
Ready to buy?  Forget about waiting in line at the register. ​The ​salesperson ​simply ​​whips out an iPhone with a credit card reader so you can buy your new iPad ​right ​on the spot.  If you're an existing customer, the phone connects to a CRM system that helps the salesperson suggest upgrades based on your past purchases.

6. ​Stellar customer service
Unlike other retail companies, Apple doesn't try to run and hide from customer service.  They embrace it and even make it cool.​​  ​If you need technical support for an existing product, there's a ​"​Genius Bar​"​ at the back of the store, where you can also take classes, ask questions and generally feel cared for, as if you're a family member.​  

7. ​Personalized follow up
Not long after the purchase, you will receive a personalized​ ​email or text message from the salesperson asking how things are going.​  (It won't feel automated.  It will feel genuine.)​

And now you know why most customers would rather buy their iPhones, iPads, and Macs from an Apple Store than from a reseller like Best​​Buy.
​Believe it or not, your website can accomplish all these things, too.​

The only thing stopping you right now is your ability to execute this for yourself.

And I know you're not afraid of letting your business shine in this way, or else you wouldn't have read this far.

So here's your first step: 

Take our Apple Store Audit to see how you can put all this together for yourself:

Click here to take the quiz: The Apple Store Audit: Where Do You Stack Up? 

Written by: Samuel P.N. Cook

Samuel P.N. Cook


Oct 23, 2021

Share: The Apple Store as Your Online Business Template

Would you like to see more specifics on how to create the Apple experience for your brand and website?  Then click below to watch this short video:​

​VIDEO: How to Create the Apple Store Experience for Your Brand and Website​

I’ve talked a lot here about tech here as it relates to your website (your all-important “Window to the World.”)  

But there’s something that just about everyone gets wrong about this:

People THINK that tech issues are what’s holding them back.

And make no mistake: Tech hassles ARE real if you haven’t solved them the way I have.  

But there’s actually another, more crucial problem you need to address if you’re going to make this all work.

The bad news is that no one else talks about this.    

The GOOD news is that I’m going to tell you all about it in my next post.

See you then :-)

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