StoryFunnel MasterClass

Live Online Training + Q&A
(Thursday, 4 March)

Learn How to Build Your Minimum Viable Funnel to Grow Your Business Online

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StoryFunnel MasterClass

Join the FREE Live Broadcast of the StoryFunnel MasterClass for Elite StoryTelling Training

Here is what you will learn over 1.5 hours of action-packed training

  • Lesson 1 - Understand What a Funnel Is & How It Works

    • What is a Funnel?

    • The Stages of a Funnel

    • The Different Types of Funnels

    • The Minimum Viable Story Funnel

  • Lesson 2 - Ideal Client Identification & Segmentation

    • Who You Are Targeting

    • What Is Their Challenge/Goal?

    • Discover Their Budget/Investment Desire

  • Lesson 3 - Writing Your Hero’s Journey

    • Finding Your Chain of Beliefs

    • Writing Your Hero’s Journey

    • Investing in a Better Future

  • Lesson 4 - Building Your Hero's Journey (A Technology Case Study)

    • Creating Your Ideal Client Segmentation

    • Building Your Hero's Journey Quiz Questions

    • Developing Your Custom Hero's Journey Results

    • Making the Offer (Phone vs. Online)

  • Bonus Lesson - Advanced Funnel Ideas & Lessons Learned

    • Our Original Funnel

    • Our Survey-Based Funnel

    • Our Current Funnel

    • SanityDesk Apple Audit

  • Special Announcements 

    • Rory Kilmartin

    • SanityDesk

  • Extended Q&A Session (Your Questions Answered)

This Live Training Takes Place at:

  • Thursday, 3 March at 9 PM (Paris - Central European Time)
  • Thursday, 3 March at 3 PM (New York - Eastern U.S. Standard Time)
  • Friday, 4 March at 7 AM (Sydney - Australia Eastern Standard Time)

NOTE: This FREE Live Broadcast is going to become a paid training called the StoryFunnel MasterClass. By joining this free training, you get first access to this revolutionary training and technology that has been over 6 years in the making.

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Live Video Training

Over-The-Shoulder-Views to see how to build a Minimum Viable Funnel

StoryFunnel Blueprint

When you Finish the Live Training, get a FREE PDF on the StoryFunnel Method.

Funnel Map PDFs

When you Finish the Training, get FREE Funnel Map PDF Downloads to View.

Live Group Q&A

After the main training, stay on with the experts to answer all of your questions.

StoryFunnel MasterClass

Your Live Training Hosts


Samuel P.N. Cook, Co-Founder of SanityDesk

Creator of the StoryMatters Academy, Co-Founder & CEO of SanityDesk

Samuel P.N. Cook is a former U.S. Army Cavalry Officer who finished his 13 year career teaching Russian and Ukrainian History at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Sam has become one of the world's foremost authorities on StoryTelling and technology. Sam is the author of the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass, the Founder of the StoryMatters Brand, and the Co-Founder and CEO of SanityDesk.

Rory Kilmartin, Creator of Relational Power Dynamics

Chief Relationship Researcher, Relational Power Dynamics

Rory Kilmartin is an experienced businessman, consultant, and serves on various company boards. Rory is a relationship researcher who has devoted over 30 years to exploring the profound mystery of the human experience in relationships. Author of the Invitation of Love Workshop, and the Relational Power Dynamics Workshop. Rory Kilmartin is fast becoming one of the foremost authorities on how humans relate.

StoryFunnel MasterClass

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