SanityDesk: The Future of Marketing is Here.

Create unique, personalized customer journeys for your clients.

Lesson 1

SanityDesk: The Future of Marketing is Here.

Create unique, personalized customer journeys for your clients.

Lesson 1

SanityDesk: The Future of Marketing is Here.

Create unique, personalized customer journeys for your clients.


Write their Story, Grow Your Business

Design unique customer journeys that will turn prospects into clients.


Nobody Cares About Your Story

You are a business owner with an idea that will change people's lives.

But you are struggling to get your message out there.

Nothing seems to be working.

Websites. Landing Pages. Marketing Funnels.

They make it all seem so easy, but in reality, it's hard.

First of all, to get the technology right.

Setting up your word press site, using this landing page builder, and connecting it with this email system

They make it all seem so easy, but it's not.

And if you are finally able to make something work, and launch a website or a funnel...

It doesn't work like they say it does.


Because connecting with your ideal client (the people you were born to help), is not easy.

People are bombarded every day with so many different messages online.

The NOISE has never been greater online.

It's never been easier to get your message out there.

But because it's never been easier, it's never been harder to get people to listen or to care.

None of the things you are working on will matter until you get one thing right.


Story Matters.

But it's not your story that your clients care about.

The Technology available out there is designed to help you put YOUR Story online.

To put your product or service out there.

But that is not what your client cares about.

They don't care about how hard you worked to build your business.

Your clients care about their struggles.

They are about their hero's journey they want for their life.

Your job as a business owner is to help them find this story, and connect with it.

But with so many people out there, it's overwhelming.

Everyone is different.

Everyone has different struggles and pain points.

Your job is to empathize and connect with your ideal clients.

Listen to them carefully.

And help them tell their story.

This is why we created StoryFunnel Software.

To help you design powerful, customized journeys for your ideal clients and help inspire them to invest in a better future (with your product or service.

Here is how it works.


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Design Beautiful Pages in Minutes


Page Builder with Content Blocks


Easily create pages with Content Blocks.

Drag and drop font, images, and videos to create a custom experience.

Customize Your Website Journey


Advanced Quiz Technology

Rather than talking to your clients, see the power of listening.

Use Advanced Quiz technology to score, segment, and customize your client journey.

Easily Generate Leads



Gather Leads with an Easy Form Builder


Once your leads know you are listening, they will want to connect with you.

Use the form builder to easily ask for and collect key contact details of leads.

Segment your Leads



Advanced List-Building Technology


Whether it's based on survey answers or behavior on your site, segment your audience with the powerful list-building tool.


Customize Their Journey


Create Smart Content Blocks on Pages


Every part of every page is a chance to speak to your ideal clients. 

Use custom blocks on every page to personalize the experience for your leads.

Create Powerful Templates


Turn Content Blocks into Re-useable Templates


Managing content creation is easy with custom templates.

Re-use your best content across multiple pages with a click of a button.

Turn Leads into Customers



Create Urgency with Countdown Timers


Offer special discounts to your clients based on how and when they enter your funnel.

Countdown timers with custom redirect pages allow you to inspire action with real deadlines.