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To: All entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, coaches and experts

From: Samuel P.N. Cook, co-founder of SanityDesk

We’ve never met, but I know a couple things about you:

You got into your field for all the right reasons, but you haven’t yet figured out how to turn your hard-won expertise into a thriving online business that works for you ... runs without you ... and leaves you with all the free time you want to serve your audience with the passion and purpose that inspired you in the first place.

If someone gave you an all-in-one solution that included a complete game plan, all the tools to run your business, even handling all the tech for you — and it was something that actually worked — you’d want to hear more about it.

How do I know these things about you?

Because I’ve been there myself!


Hi, I’m Samuel Cook.

As an agency owner who took multiple coaches, experts, authors and entrepreneurs from zero to 7-figures with simple, strategically smart online funnels, I learned how to build out systems that work seamlessly by removing all tech hassles so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

(Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?)

And by "doing what you do best," I'm talking about …

...sharing your expertise with your raving fans. 

...releasing your brilliant content into the wild. 

...delivering your life-changing courses and workshops to people you know you can help. 

...helping clients get the results they want with your own particular brand of awesomeness.

...doing what you were born to do rather than getting bogged down in the details of running your tech life and trying to be your own programmer.

(We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  Enough of that!) 

I’ve now gone on to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business people of all stripes connect with their ideal customers and create their own thriving businesses.

I’ve even done it for the likes of No. 1 international bestselling author and coach Peter Sage. (You’ll meet him in a minute.)

Do you Want to Know the ONE Thing That Stops Most People from Creating the Business of Their Dreams?


(or lack thereof)

Let’s face facts - we’re in a different world now... 

Like the tide pulling back and revealing a rocky shore that was there all along, the year 2020 gave us one simple truth: 

You must have your own website.


Having a world-class website is no longer optional. It's mandatory.

"If you don’t have a website, you simply don’t have a real business, period, full stop."

If you are relying on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform for your business, you are living on borrowed time.

You have NO property rights on Facebook or any other social media platform.

It can all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

Which means your entire business and livelihood can be taken away instantly. 

You should never put yourself — let alone your business — in a vulnerable position like that.

This is why you need a website that not only looks good, but is designed from the inside out to work flawlessly.

A website is a property YOU own, no one else.

But I know something else about you, too:

You’d rather not have a website at all than be stuck with one that was ugly, or one that became a sinkhole of tech headaches, am I right?

Here’s the problem!


People like you were put here to make an impact on the world so that you could be free to do what you do best

...but then the world moved online, forcing you to wrestle with tech problems … which is not what you do best!

Tell Me If You’ve Ever Said These Things to Yourself:

"If only I had a website that represented my business and who I really am ... honorably. "

“At this point I’d be happy with a website that just, I don’t know, worked the way it’s supposed to?”

"… I want something online that I'd be proud to show anyone I knew, rather than sending them to my LinkedIn profile or Facebook page."​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

“Why can’t they make these tech tools simpler? And why do I have to patch everything together from 10 different services?”

"If only I had a website that represented my business and who I really am ... honorably. "

“At this point I’d be happy with a website that just, I don’t know, worked the way it’s supposed to?”

"… I want something online that I'd be proud to show anyone I knew, rather than sending them to my LinkedIn profile or Facebook page."​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

“Why can’t they make these tech tools simpler? And why do I have to patch everything together from 10 different services?”

And this...

“How in the world can I get all this handled for me without it costing an arm and a leg?  Gee, is that asking too much?”

Answer: No, it’s not too much to ask.

The amazing thing is, once you solve your tech issues with a simple, proven process (which I will reveal in a minute), the sky becomes your limit because now you can market your services to anyone on the entire planet.

Yes, I Need This

Here’s How We Solved the Single Biggest Obstacle Facing Anyone with an Online Business…

(When no one else would :-))

In 2016, I was approached by Amazon No. 1 bestselling author Peter Sage.

Peter had been running offline workshops successfully to his students as part of the Sage Business School.  

But there was one problem…

He had yet to figure out a way to take that business online...

… and then massively SCALE it to create the financial freedom he’d always wanted.

I knew I could help Peter because during this same time I had already built 4 businesses pumping out 7 figures of revenue annually through the online funnels we created.

So, I sat down with Peter and helped him do three simple things:

  • Craft a STRATEGY that would turn his website visitors into reliable, ongoing sales.

  • Create his compelling STORY that would resonate with his audience, bonding them to both him and his mission, and at the same time eliminating the need for outdated, hypey marketing tactics.

  • Build out his TECHNOLOGY so that his business could collect revenue and run without him having to attend to it.

No kidding.

Did it work?

Well, in just 10 months, Peter went from almost no sales to more than $1.8 million — almost all of it generated online.


Watch This Video to Hear What International Best-Selling Author Peter Sage Says About the Website 101 MasterClass:

Do you want to know the secret behind Peter’s success?

It was the SYSTEMS we created for him.

And by systems I mean:

  • Marketing pages designed to convert without hype (who wants that?)

  • Crucial automations that operate seamlessly behind the scenes to deliver content, send followup messages and the other important processes that keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.

  • A fully functional sales CRM for you or your team to follow up with prospects in a timely fashion.

  • A ready-to-go support desk that creates a five-star customer service experience for anyone who needs help.

Now Here’s Where It Gets Really Interesting … for YOU

Some time later, I sat down to codify and put into a blueprint exactly what we did for Peter Sage.

The goal was to let anyone duplicate what we did for themselves.

And I’m proud to say we accomplished just that.  

It’s called the Website 101 MasterClass.

Here’s what we did...

We broke down all the steps that went into creating Peter’s successful website…

… and then we compressed the entire process into a single, step-by-step blueprint that ANYONE can follow.

The result?

A simple but incredibly powerful program that hands you the keys to your very own website for establishing your brand, attracting your ideal audience, and selling your own products or service.

But we didn’t stop there…

Dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching to Make Sure It Gets Done … And Gets Done Right

Because we know how crucial it is to get this dialed in right — and to make sure you get it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible —  we’ve also added an option for you to get a dedicated 1-on-1 coach to help you personally. This is huge!

Our website building process is so efficient, it means you could have your new business up and running in as little as two days from right now.

I'm ready to start

“Okay, sounds great so far.  But how is this different from other so-called website ‘solutions’?”

It’s true.  You could use any number of other services to build your own website.

But in most cases, working with so-called “drag and drop” page builders and having hundreds of design templates to choose from, turns into a real problem.  You quickly reach a point where you only know “just enough to be dangerous.”

Before you know it, you’re shopping around for a programmer on an outsourcing site like Fiverr to either fix something you broke, or to get it simply to work, period.

Let me help you with this…

Even If You Never Use Our All-In-One Website Solution, Avoid These 3 Common MistakesTo Give Yourself The Best Chance To Create A Website That Actually Works FOR You, Not Against You:

  1. DON’T write a single word for your site until you work out your entire site’s STRATEGY. Look, you wouldn't build a house without first having an architectural plan, would you? Of course not. It's the same with your website. That’s why our Website 101 MasterClass gives you a full one-hour video training on this one topic. In fact, this is so important it’s why we give you a free dedicated 1-on-1 coach to help you work out your exact strategy so that you can achieve whatever goal you have in mind for your site (leads, referrals, sales, etc). 

  2. DON’T fall into “Patchwork Hell.” Or: DON’T Overcomplicate Your Tech. Rather than trying to stitch together all the tech tools you need from multiple third-party apps and services, it’s much better to find a true, all-in-one solution that actually works. This is why we worked hard for years to create the only platform that gives you ALL your tech tolls in ONE our place: email autoresponders, customer relations management (CRM), a calendar, page builder, team communication tools and more. There's simply no reason to have your tech all over the place, logging into five different pieces of software, spending half the night figuring out to get various plugins to play nice with each other. You’ll also save a ton of money. Look at the chart below to see how much you can save when you get control and consolidate all of your tech.

  3. DON’T resort to lazy, hype-based copy on your pages.  Use story-based messaging instead!  It not only makes your visitors feel better, but converts better, too. We feel so strongly about this that we decided to include an additional special training, “Storytelling In the Digital Age” as a special bonus when you purchase our Premium version of the Website 101 MasterClass.


We replace ALL those tools!



I'm ready to start

The Power of Stories: Your Website’s Secret Weapon 

Let me tell you a quick story about the power of storytelling as it relates to the success of your website...

When I first met running coach Bobby McGee, he had six Olympics to his credit and had earned a remarkable reputation over multiple decades for helping track athletes radically improve their performance.

I knew he was phenomenal because at one time he coached ME when I was a competitive runner and triathloner.  

If you're ever lucky enough to meet Bobby, you instantly realize this is someone whose passion for his craft supersedes any desire to cash in on it.

Results and integrity come first with 
Bobby, period, full stop.

And sadly, before meeting me, that's why he never made the money he could have.

His impact on the world was lessened because he wasn't willing to sacrifice his reputation online. 

So when I first started working with him, I scripted out some traditional sales messaging for him.

I said, "Bobby, I want you to look in the camera and say this."

"No," he said. "I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to sit there and prostitute myself online in order to make a few sales. I'd rather not make sales than do that."

Here's a guy who had carved out an impeccable reputation for knowing his craft better than anyone…

… delivering amazing results for his clients…

... and the last thing he wanted was to use language that wasn’t 100% authentic to HIM.

He didn't have to say another word.  I understood completely.

No internet marketing sales scripts for Bobby.  

No neuro linguistic programming "tricks" or "power words" to try and get people to click a "buy" button. 

Bobby was having none of that.   

Then it hit me.

The real power was in Bobby, the person.

(News flash: You have that same power.)

I'm happy to say we found a way to get Bobby’s message dialed into who he was and what he was all about.

And now you have the opportunity to do the same thing.


Because when you enroll in our Website 101 MasterClass, we assign you a dedicated 1-on-1 coach to help you craft the exact messaging that fits YOU.  Just like Bobby McGee, you can walk away with a website you’re proud to call your own … with messaging that reflects your mission and who you truly are.  


Learn StoryTelling with Premium Package

What if You Had Your Very Own Website That Not Only Beautifully Showcased Your Services But Also Handled All Your Tech for You?


The Website 101 MasterClass

A comprehensive, step-by-step training showing you how to create your own beautiful, high converting website with all your tech tools working seamlessly in one place. 

Here’s what you get:


1-Hour Video Training on STRATEGY 
(Plus PDF Worksheets)

  • You’ll look over my shoulder in real time and learn how to structure your own site — from a strategic standpoint. 

  • You’ll discover the three key elements your entire strategy is built upon.  Just answer these simple questions, you're halfway home.

  • The one step you should NEVER skip in strategizing your website.

  • Includes printable PDF worksheets you can download to use yourself.


1-Hour Video Training on DESIGN

In this fast-paced training, you will learn:

  • How to set up the right frameworks and containers to accomplish your objectives on every part of your page.

  • How to choose the right images to meet those objectives.

  • Fonts, spacing, color: You'll see us go through it all in detail, step by step.

  • Examples of sites that demonstrate the principles we use and that you model for yourself.

  • Does "form follow function," or is it the other way around?  How to marry art and practicality to display your brand the way it deserves to be shown (and in a way you can be truly proud of).

  • You'll see the exact simple, clean and beautiful designs we use for our sites (that you can too if you want).

  • How to make sure your images coincide with your copy so that it makes perfect sense to all your visitors.

  • How your design can tell a story all by itself.

  • Discover what's REALLY the entire purpose of your home page.

  • What exactly is the "visual menu" part of the page, and why is it so critical?

  • Our process for how to get past "Blank Page Syndrome" (which will stop you from ever getting started if you're not careful!)

  • How to get your site design all set up in just a couple hours rather than WEEKS.


1-Hour Video Training on How to Write Your Website COPY

Consider this your paint-by-numbers copywriting tutorial to help you easily build the most essential component of your website — your message.

Do you want to know why we love this training so much?  It’s because of one simple truth: Even if you map out the perfect website strategy … even if you create the most attractive and functional design … you're still left with one crucial piece staring you in the face: THE COPY.  Whether it’s because of fear or procrastination (wait, those are the same thing, right?), writing the copy is what stops a lot of people from ever launching.  

We won’t let that happen to you!

This 1 hour, 13-minute video training will show you a radically effective process that can literally shortcut the time it takes to write your website copy from months ... to less than an hour.  You’ll see me execute this in real time with No. 1 international bestselling author and coach Peter Sage.

Also includes a downloadable PDF worksheet so that you can do this for yourself easily.  

But Wait … We’re Not Done Yet!

Because this is our limited time beta launch, we’re throwing in four bonuses to make this an absolute no-brainer for you... 

Bonus #3: 3 X 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Even though you get a complete training in the Website 101 MasterClass, questions always arise and it’s important to get help when you need it.

That’s why we’ve made our expert trained coaches available in this bonus to guide you through every step of the process.

From getting clear on your goals, reviewing your strategy, and performing a final checkup on your site, you’ll have the security of knowing you’ve done everything to perfection.

Retail Value:  $297
Your Price:    FREE

Yes, I'm Ready to start

BONUS #2:  Your Online Business Blueprint
5 Complete Workbooks (28 pages)

SanityDesk Online Business Blueprint Workbooks

Building your website is just the first step to building your online empire. You also need to automate all your essential marketing tasks. 

This bonus includes detailed process maps and instructions for:

  • A sales CRM process to track and close your sales prospects

  • A timely and reliable support desk to serve your customers with integrity and in a timely fashion (which also builds customer loyalty)

  • A versatile team communication desk to keep your team organized so it can deliver for you and keep everyone on track

  • Team Communication Desk. We have mapped out and built the entire process for you on

  • 5 complete Workbooks (28 pages in total)

Retail Value:  $39
Your Price:    FREE

I'm ready to start

Bonus #2: Website Generation Wizard

(This bonus is only available if you subscribe to our SanityDesk Software)

SanityDesk Site Generation Wizard

Build Your Website In Minutes With Our Site Generation Wizard

Once you build your website strategy, are clear on what you are selling and how you are selling it, generate your entire website in just minutes with the SanityDesk Software, and every page complete with instructions on how to build them will be available.

NOTE: To auto-generate your site you must subscribe to the SanityDesk Software (prices start at just $149 per month).

I'm ready to start

It’s All Here: Everything You Need to Launch Your Business Online … FAST

Forget about learning how to code …

Forget about trying to figure out how to stitch everything together using expensive apps and software services...

And forget about ever being embarrassed again about how you’re portrayed on your website…

I also want you to forget about spending thousands of dollars like everyone else does on the recommendations of expensive designers who don’t have a clue how to CONVERT your visitors to actual sales.

Those days are over.


A Real Business Strategy

Develop a blueprint to grow your business online

Low Tech Startup Costs

Setup your business on SanityDesk for $99 per month.

3 X Coaching Calls

Dedicated coaching from a SanityDesk TechLife Architect.

Join a Private Community

Join a Private Facebook Group of business owners.

What SanityDesk users are saying

SanityDesk is already helping dozens of small businesses

Matt Johnston

Annika Rosendahl

Ed Wining


Build Your Entire Business Website

  • Lesson #1: Website Strategy
  • Lesson #2: Website Design
  • Lesson #3: Website Copywriting
  • Online IT Business Blueprint (5 Workbooks)
  • SanityDesk CLOSED BETA Software Access ($149 monthly) * Optional
  • 3 x 1-on-1 Website Tech Coaching Calls

$399 $697

Claim My Discount

One-Time Payment, Instant Access


Build Your Website & Marketing Funnel

  • Lesson #1: Website Strategy
  • Lesson #2: Website Design
  • Lesson #3: Website Copywriting
  • Online IT Business Blueprint (5 Workbooks)
  • SanityDesk CLOSED BETA Software Access ($149 monthly) * Optional
  • 3 x 1-on-1 Website Tech Coaching Calls
  • StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass (3 Hours of StoryTelling Training (Learn how to launch your first funnel with 3 hours of in-Depth Video StoryTelling training)
  • 1 x 1-on-1 FREE Marketing Discovery Call (Get clear on a plan to help you use the MasterClass to launch your first funnel)
  • StoryTelling in the Digital Age eBook 
  • Complete MasterClass Slide PDF 
  • Complete MasterClass Resource Guide 

$499 $997

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One-Time Payment, Instant Access


Premium MasterClass + Business Strategy

  • Lesson #1: Website Strategy
  • Lesson #2: Website Design
  • Lesson #3: Website Copywriting
  • Online IT Business Blueprint (5 Workbooks)
  • SanityDesk CLOSED BETA Software Access ($149 monthly) * Optional
  • 3 x 1-on-1 Website Tech Coaching Calls
  • StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass (3 Hours of StoryTelling Training (Learn how to launch your first funnel with 3 hours of in-Depth Video StoryTelling training)
  • 1 x 1-on-1 FREE Marketing Discovery Call (Get clear on a plan to help you use the MasterClass to launch your first funnel)
  • StoryTelling in the Digital Age eBook 
  • Complete MasterClass Slide PDF 
  • Complete MasterClass Resource Guide 
  • 1 x 60-Minute Marketing Business Strategy call with SanityDesk Founder Samuel P.N. Cook

$699 $1497

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One-Time Payment, Instant Access

Here’s Our ‘You Love Us or Leave Us’ Guarantee


Get the Website 101 MasterClass … and use it.

Go through everything.  

Watch the videos, put the material to use and squeeze every benefit you possibly can out of it.

Take advantage of the 3 free coaching calls, and then build your entire website. 

If at that point you aren't 100% satisfied with your website, or the support you received, or if you don’t think the course is worth more than you paid for, then you may get a full and immediate refund. 

In other words, if a refund is necessary to best serve you, then of course I do not want your money.  But I do require for you to make an honest effort before pulling the pin. That means doing the work and completing your website. 

We structure our guarantee this way because we care about your results. 

I'm ready to start

To your success,
Sam Cook


P.S.  Here’s a summary of this ultra-long page for those who hate reading: 

  1. I created an all-in-one website solution for any small business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert or coach that lets you do what you do best while leaving all the tech hassles and headaches behind.  Used by a No. 1 international bestselling author and coach, it’s now being used by hundreds of happy clients around the world.

  2. I distilled the entire process into a comprehensive training called the Website 101 MasterClass, and it’s available for a price as low as $399

  3. The training comes with 3 free coaching calls with one of our 1-on-1 dedicated experts so that you can implement everything effectively and FAST.  You could have your new website up and running in as little as two days from now.

  4. You also have the option of using our all-in-one website platform to host your site, giving you all the tech tools necessary to run your business rather than cobbling everything together from expensive third-party apps and software like everyone else does. These tools include email autoresponders, sales CRM, calendar, page builder, team communication tools, and more.

  5. Because this is a special, closed beta launch, we are offering this at deeply discounted pricing, plus bonuses, for a limited time only.

  6. We have a “Love Us or Leave Us Guarantee” that lets you purchase with full confidence.

I'm ready to start

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this plan allow me to actually build my website and get my marketing online?
    • Yes.  The Website 101 MasterClass is a complete online business strategy blueprint that helps you plan your entire website, marketing funnel, sales CRM, support desk, and team communication area before you build it.

      If you choose, you can build your entire website and business IT with us on SanityDesk as soon as you are ready.  Subscription plans start at $149 per month and include all the tech tools you need to run your business online.

      If you’d rather not use our SanityDesk software, you are welcome to use this blueprint and build your website, marketing system and tech tools on any other platform you want.

  • So after I purchase, how does this work, exactly?
    • We have a 6-step process to get your website up and running.

      Step 1: Strategy call.  You’ll speak to one of our business strategists to get clear on your business goals and to find out where you stand with your website and business IT.

      Step 2: Create your blueprint.  Once you are clear on your strategy, watch the first video of the Website 101 MasterClass. Then fill out your Business Strategy Worksheet to get clear on the exact structure you need to launch your website.

      Step 3: Website tech setup call.  Next, we’ll show you exactly how to set up your entire website: what pages to build, how to lay them out, how to link them together, and how to think about the design and copywriting.

      Step 4:  Website design: Once you have your pages setup and linked together, it's time to start telling the visual story with the images, color scheme, and call to action buttons. Learn exactly how to do this by watching our case study example while building your own website.

      Step 5: Website copywriting: Once you finish telling the visual story with your images and color scheme, it's time to lock in your story with the copywriting on the page. From your headlines, to the exact words on every part of the page, you’ll know exactly how to build the story from start to finish and lock it in.

      Step 6: Website Review and Back Office Setup. Once you finish building your website, it's time to build out your entire back-office. From the Contact Us form and surveys to generate leads, to text and email marketing automation, to setting up your sales CRM, support desk, and your back office. We will show you how to build an integrated system. It's not as hard as you think. In fact, we can do it for you!

      Step 7: Your site goes live and you begin sharing your awesomeness with the world!

  • Is the MasterClass a one-time payment or is there a recurring subscription?
    • The Website 101 MasterClass is a one-time payment for a course that teaches you how to build your entire Tech IT Blueprint for your business.

      After consuming the course, you have two choices: 

      (1) Use the information to build your business online with any other platform and stitch together the necessary tech tools you need to run your business (page builder, marketing automation, sales CRM, support desk, etc).

      (2) Use our SanityDesk platform, which is the only solution in the market that already has every single thing you need in one place, designed specifically for solopreneurs and small business owners. We are also the only software solution that provides dedicated, 1-on-1 business strategy coaching and dedicated ongoing IT Support.

  • Do I have to use the SanityDesk Software to finish this masterclass?
    • No. Your decision to use our SanityDesk software to build your website and business IT is completely optional.

      You can build your website on any other software you wish.

      Of course, we’re biased, but we believe our software makes it easier to build your website quickly than anywhere else, plus you get all the other tech tools necessary to run your business rather than cobbling them together from multiple third-party services.

      Our subscriptions cost as little as $149 per month.

  • How long will it take to finish the MasterClass?
    • The Website 101 MasterClass is designed to be completed as fast as you want. It can be completed in as little as two days.

      The typical person will complete this training with the three dedicated coaching calls within 7-14 days.  (There are 3 lessons, each of which comes with a coaching call.)

      Plan on spending 2-3 hours on each set of worksheets (per lesson), a few hours doing the work on the website, and then one hour on a dedicated coaching call.

      You can take as much time as you like to complete the work if you are busy. No rush from us either way. Your dedicated 1-on-1 coach can help you set your schedule.

  • Do you have a guarantee?
    • Absolutely. We have a 100% money-back guarantee.  It works like this:

      Complete all the work in the MasterClass. Get your entire strategy blueprint laid out, build your entire website.

      If you finish all the worksheets, attend all the coaching calls and build your website, then you are entitled to a full and cheerful refund if you sincerely aren’t happy with it.

  • How many people are using SanityDesk? How do I know it works?
    • SanityDesk has been under development for more than five years, and in use for four years.

      Hundreds of clients have used it over the years and have generated over $10 MM in revenue on the platform.

      Currently, SanityDesk is a Silicon-Valley angel-investment-backed startup based in Austin Texas with a staff of 20 and rapidly growing.

      Our investors include legendary tech pioneer Bela Hatvany, who 40 years ago revolutionized the libraries and information industry by deploying the first CD-ROM Technology. Before that, he invented the touch screen technology currently used on smartphones and tablets.

      We invest significant resources in our customer success team to make sure you get full use of the software.

  • Who is this for?
    • This is perfect for: 

      Info product creators
      Service providers
      Business owners
      Anyone with expertise to share

  • There's already a lot of website creation tools out there. Why did you create yours?
    • We love answering this question.  That's because this is not just a product or service to us.  It's a mission we feel to our very core.  

      We created SanityDesk because an all-in-one website and tech solution that actually WORKS, at an affordable price, simply didn't exist before now for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

      Our vision is to create a world where entrepreneurs no longer have the tech hang ups that keep them from sharing their expertise with the world.

      Our goal is to create a massive community for solopreneurs and small businesses to get paid what they're worth.  And to remove all your tech issues, to boot, so that you can focus on doing what YOU do best.

  • I already have a website and I'm using different tools for my tech needs. Does your SanityDesk software replace all those?
    • Sure does!  Forget about paying upwards of $1,800.00 per month to stitch together all the tech tools and software services to make your website work. We have everything in one place for you at prices starting at just $99 per month.

      Here is a very partial list of the tech tools you can replace if you choose to host your website with our software: 


  • The pricing seems really low, almost too good to be true, to be honest. What's the catch?
    • There is none.  We can do this for a couple reasons.  

      First, this is a closed, beta launch, open only for a limited time.

      Second, we're crazy like a fox. We’re in this for the long haul.  Just like Elon Musk, who launched Tesla as part of his goal to remake the entire transportation and energy industries, we’re out to revolutionize the tech industry for small businesses and solopreneurs.

      And we have the financial backing to make this happen from preeminent investors who believe in our vision.

      Please note that if you get in early at these low prices, you will be locked at those low prices for life.

website 101 MasterClass

Design, Build, & Launch your Entire Website in just 2 Days with a dedicated 1-on-1 Coach.

Learn exactly how to design, build and launch your website online with 3 video lessons, 5 complete workbooks, and 3 x dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching Calls for just $399 - No heavy design or development skills required

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