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Website and Marketing Automation Tool
Website & Page Builder Host 25 pages Unlimited Pages Unlimited Pages
Quiz & Survey Builder Host 3 Quizzes Unlimited Quizzes Unlimited Quizzes
Form Builder Unlimited Forms Unlimited Forms Unlimited Forms
Online Shopping Cart Sell 5 Products Unlimited Products Unlimited Products
Custom Workflows Build 10 Workflows Build 25 Workflows Unlimited Workflows
Video Hosting Host 1 Video Host 5 Videos Unlimited Videos
Smart Content Blocks - 4 Variations per Block 20 Variations per Block
Online Courses Builder - - Build Unlimited Memberships
Custom Domain Integration -
API Integration (Zapier) -
SEO Tool
Free Hosting
Support Tool
Calendar Events Host 2 Calendar Event Types Host 5 Calendar Event Types Unlimited Calendar Event Types
Sales Pipeline Connect 1 Deal Board Unlimited Deal Boards Unlimited Deal Boards
Support Desk Connect 1 Helpdesk Unlimited Helpdesks Unlimited Helpdesks
Task Management System Connect 1 Team Desk Unlimited Team Desks Unlimited Team Desks
Teem Members Add 2 Additional Team Members Unlimited Team Members Unlimited Team Members
Inbound/Outbound Call -
Text Messages -
Dedicated Success Manager - - Unlimited 1-on-1 Support
White Labeling "Built with SanityDesk" Branding

Web pages
Scheduling screens
"Built with SanityDesk" Branding

Scheduling screens
No SanityDesk Branding
Contacts Up to 250 Leads 500 Leads Included
Up to 50,000 Leads
5,000 Leads Included
No Upper Limit