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Business Growth Specialist, Mentor for the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and StoryFunnel Certified Marketer at SanityDesk. Focuses on the Development of Business Growth Strategies to Launch and Scale Online Businesses through Traffic Generation with Facebook and Google Ads. 

He holds business training in Germany and USA. Has a Bachelor's degree in economics, an MBA and another Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Warwick University, one of the top universities in the United Kingdom. He is a Certifier in Customer Service in Latin America for Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service. Specialist in personal growth, design sprint, and innovation, business development, digital marketing, and sales, topics that have led him to collaborate with hundreds of companies and thousands of entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

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Wayne & Damian

Sidewinder Digital is a marketing agency like no other. Helping businesses to grow by attracting new customers, through video, storytelling and even poetry! Our Goal; to provide your business with fully qualified, targeted marketing leads that bring in a great return on your advertising spend!

Website and funnel builders, SEO, Copywriting, FB ads, video scripting and production

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Wilhelmien & David 

Tell the Stories you need to tell, with clarity and authenticity, connecting heart to heart, and be right on target with your StoryMarketing Journey!

Our passion is to provide you with the marketing acumen to present your client with a clear message which builds trust and assures them that they will receive quality and value from you.

Creating your Strategy and Copywriting on the SanityDesk Software Platform to launch your StoryMarketing successfully.

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You shouldn’t have to struggle with the constant changes in technology. The challenges of trying to beat the tech learning curve which is why I design and build funnels with clear messaging that resonates with your target audience. With 8+ years of experience I can teach or do for you:

✅Lead generation with the right audience

✅Convert the right leads into customers

✅Organizing and automating your online business

✅Increase revenue with a well-designed sales funnel

A clear and quickly executable done-for-you marketing strategy can do just that. I work well with individuals, start-ups, small-mid sized companies.

Sales & Sales Funnel Design, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Email Sequences/Automations, Project Management/Organization, Google My Business, Reputation Management, FB Ad Copy & Graphics, Graphic Design

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Collette Gaskin-Gutierrez

Are you a client-centered company creator who wants to overcome sluggish sales and experience business breakthrough without the business burnout?

I can help you with sharing a message strong enough to break through and soar above the noise of buggy business… with the power of storytelling. I'm obsessed with the story of BUTTERFLIES… and true transformation of the client journey—the process of reaching life-changing results through a high-value offer.

I serve Marketplace Monarchs: CEOs of service companies committed to “supreme reign over your online domain” through the proper care and weeding of clients. 


–Landing Pages


–Sales Conversation

–Email Sequence

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