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Wilhelmien van Nieuwenhuizen - StoryMarketing Studio


EVERYTHING you need to launch, market, and grow your business successfully online.

Strategy. Presence. Marketing.

StoryMarketing Studio develops your Digital Strategy, Marketing, and Content with a crystal-clear storyline.

Tailor-made for you, whether you are going online for the first time, have already embarked on your digital journey, or have an existing online presence.

Your 360° Service Experience.

StoryMarketing Studio is passionate about helping you succeed and have the full range of marketing services to make that happen.

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Charlie Govea

Charlie Govea holds business training in Germany and USA. Has a Bachelor's degree in economics, a Masters in Administration and another Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Warwick University, one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. Mentor for the International Program in Innovation and Sustainability Offered by the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

StoryFunnel Certified Marketer at SanityDesk. Co-founder and CMO of a start-up (CIGE) that created the first business bot advisor in the world. He is also an executive coach by the Business Coaching School of Chile and Certifier in Customer Service for Latin America by Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service. Specialist in personal growth, design sprint and innovation, business development, digital marketing and sales, topics that have led him to collaborate with hundreds of companies and thousands of entrepreneurs in Latin America, United Kingdom, India, Japan and other parts of the world.

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Dan O'Donoghue - Asentiv Ireland 


“Nobody knows your business better than you do! My job as a business coach is to facilitate your change, by listening and learning from you. Then I bring my strengths to the table which are both experience and creativity. "

Dan has been a self-employed entrepreneur for most of his life, which gives him the practical knowledge that you will not get in a book or college. 

Dan is based in Southern Ireland and has been in business for over 20 years. He is a great believer in designing your business so it allows you do what is important to you and your family. It’s not all about work!! 

What Dan's clients say: “Dan is a genius at business development” Anne Hanna, SortMyBooks, Accounts Software Package. 

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Dijana's Agency

Are you ready to scale your business? Do you want to automate your processes and get rid of redundant activities? Then Dijana Kokai is the right person for you. While working on Corporate Transformational Projects for years, she became an expert in business and process optimization.

A few years ago, she decided to leave the rate race and move to Bali. She is an ICF-certified coach and gets excited about all new-age practices.

As a digital nomad, she manages her online agency remotely and helps ambitious entrepreneurs:

-  To scale their business with a combination of mindset and hands-on IT business processes
-  To Master the LinkedIn game and get a consistent client flow
-  To start your own podcast with ease

If you want to have a sparring partner, who understands your struggle as an entrepreneur and who is ready to go the extra mile together with you, then schedule a call with Dijana now.  

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Victor Szabo - VM Design Studio

You shouldn’t have to struggle with the constant changes in technology.
The challenge of trying to beat the tech learning curve is the reason why Victor designs and builds funnels with clear messaging that resonates with any target audience.

With 8+ years of experience Victor can teach or help with:

  • Lead generation with the right audience
  • Convert the right leads into customers
  • Organizing and automating your online business
  • Increase revenue with a well-designed sales funnel

A clear and quickly executable done-for-you marketing strategy can do just that. Victor works well with individuals, start-ups, and small-mid-sized companies.

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Iramaya Aslami - digital artiZen

'Digital artiZen’ can help you with: 

  • Shifting mindset, beliefs, and self-defeating patterns that keep you stuck and prevent you from stepping into your life vision.
  • Developing a brand that represents your self-expression and allows you to share your message and your mission in an authentic way unique to your essence.
  • Learning the power of story marketing that attracts clients to you, rather than using sleazy sales techniques.
  • Using social media to share your message and your brand.
  • Leveraging automations that allow your business to run in the background on done-for-you systems, providing you a freedom business.

With the combination of Iramaya's vast training in psychology, human dynamics, quantum physics, neuroscience, mindfulness, and various eastern philosophies she empowers her clients with tools and the methodology to unleash their own dynamic potential to reach their potential.

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Pedro Paquemar - JungleWP LTD


A Business coach and Co-founder of JungleWP LTD. Pedro has been helping business owners, and SMEs to go through their Digital transformation and supporting them in their marketing strategies. Over the last years, has been supporting more than 45 clients in different countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the USA. He has more than 10 years of experience in the consulting business and also an MBA in General International Management.

JungleWP team with Coaches, Developers, Marketers, Network Engineers, System Architects, and SEO Specialists will help you grow your business online. 

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