How to "Choose Your Own Adventure"

Samuel P.N. Cook

Oct 26, 2021

Sometimes when we think we're solving one problem, we unintentionally create another problem that's even worse.

Where do I see this?  

Oh, I don't know: only everywhere I look:

... on the websites of authors, experts and coaches who thought that creating an online presence would "build their brand" ... but in reality undercut their own authority because they failed to take the time to lay out the right strategy beforehand.  (*womp womp*)

... In the portfolios of expensive web designers who try to sell you fancy-pants graphics that may look cool ... but all they really do is slow your site's load time and kill your conversion numbers.

... In support forums, where solopreneurs and small businesses desperately look for help because they thought that stitching together their tech with a patchwork of random software tools from various third-party services was the right thing to do (because everyone told them to) 

... but now are stuck with crazy-expensive monthly fees plus a nightmare of unexpected consequences such as failing plugins and gaping security holes.

Reminds me of "The IKEA Effect." (Yes, it's a thing.)

ikea effect

... On websites whose owners deploy "proven" copy-and-paste templates because they thought it would save them time ... but only make them look generic and a little pathetic because the content wasn't customized in a meaningful way that truly speaks to their audience.  

(Copy and paste makes everyone look bad, just sayin'.) ctrl+c ctrl+v

... In navigation menus where companies thought it was smart to be "hands-free" by burying their support desk six clicks deep because they would rather cut off their right arm than deal with customer service. 

... In conventional wisdom, such as thinking that "Wordpress is the only way to go."  (Boy, do we need to talk.)

... In website copy that does a lot of "me-me-me" bragging in the hopes to highlight how great their products and services are ... but really just turns off visitors because the site didn't put THEM first.


That's a LOT of good intentions fallen by the wayside.

At the very least, they all miss the point.

At worst? 

They can sink your business before you even get started.

I'd like to unpack one of these…

... because it's so crucial to your success and because it's something that you don't see executed enough.

It starts with this simple fact:

When you start by tailoring your message to the deepest wants and desires of your audience rather than beating your own chest…

...when you make your messaging all about your prospect, and not about you, you'll connect so much more deeply that you won't have to sell hardly at all.

This is something we've solved rather ingeniously (if I say so myself) at SanityDesk.


Well, remember in my previous email where I dissected the secret to the Apple Store's unparalleled retail success?  

(If you missed that email, you can read it here.)

Your journey at the Apple Store starts with a store rep greeting you warmly and asking what you're looking for.

They make it about YOU…

They want to know what YOU

Yes, you!  

I know. Seems so rare these days, right?

And at the Apple Store, they guide you to what you want as quickly as possible.

You can do that online, too, you know.

I call it the …

Choose Your Own Adventure Path.

That name, of course, comes from the wildly popular children's gamebooks in the 1980s and 1990s where the books were structured so that each reader could assume the role of the protagonist and make choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome.

Hence, Choose your own adventure.

Here's how it works at SanityDesk as an example…

We have developed a process by which we take first-time visitors to our site and ask them a series of questions to determine exactly what they want.

But it goes way deeper than what you might think…

For example, when you take our Apple Store Audit quiz, you are given a specific score tailored to your exact situation, based on the answers you gave to five multiple choice questions.

(If you haven't yet taken this quiz, click here.)

At the end of the short quiz (which you could also call a survey), you're shown a video that speaks directly to YOUR issues and problems, along with possible solutions customized just for you.

Simple in concept. But so powerful in practice.

It all happens automatically. No live chat necessary.  

The visitor is in complete control and can go at their own pace.

Now here's the mind-blowing part …

Because there are six questions ... and because there are five multiple choice answers to each question ... and because there is a unique solution for each person's situation, that means there are approximately 4,096 variations of the same page …

... that all speak directly to the most pressing and unique problem YOU have.

The variations are all baked in ahead of time.  

It unfolds automagically based on what your visitors told you they wanted.

This is precisely how you can laser target your intended audience and make them feel they are in exactly the right place.

If it sounds too complex, or like a lot of work, I can assure you that the system handles everything for you.

Yes, there is some prep work involved.  But it's work you do ONE time, and then it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Look, I know that everyone wants you to believe that "you're just one funnel away from push-button riches"...

I'm sorry to report that the words "push button" and "riches" do not belong in the same sentence next to each other.

Leveraged income? Sure.
Push button?  Sorry.

This takes real effort. There are no magic pills and I’m sorry to report there is no Santa Claus.


Besides, I know it's not just about the money for you.

The more important question is ... 

Can you be proud of what you've created?

If you ran into an old friend, would you write your website address on the back of your business card … or would you tell them instead to “find me on LinkedIn?"

Here's the truth: The odds of creating a runaway success are low. 

But the chance to make a damn fine living and present yourself honorably online?

I believe you can do this.

And you do that how, exactly?

You do it by constructing a website with a 3-step process I used successfully for No. 1 International bestselling author Peter Sage.

Would you like to do this together with your dedicated 1-on-1 coach with SanityDesk?

Then it’s time for you to finish the Website 101 MasterClass.

Written by: Samuel P.N. Cook

Samuel P.N. Cook


Oct 26, 2021

Share: How To Chose Your Own Adventure

There's one more thing I'd like to say about this business of your "tech life"...

... and you might not realize it yet, but if you don't have your tech handled properly, you aren't even in business, period.

That might sound strange, or a bit extreme, but in my next post, I’ll break down all four of the possible “tech lives” you have.

Which one do you have?

And how is your tech life just like a successful — or doomed — marriage?

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