How to Build a Value-generating One-page Website

Kate Virchenko

Apr 28, 2022

When it comes to developing a functional website for your small-medium scale business, keeping it a one-pager is an effective hack. That’s because it has one single and straightforward objective - pushing your visitors to take the desired action. It can be anything starting from filling an inquiry form, calling a number, making a purchase, etc. This  ‘objective’ becomes the centerpiece of the website and the rest of the content does the work of convincing your users to take “the step”.  These kinds of websites are excellent tools for lead generation!

Here are a few "rules" or "guidelines"  to help you build a one-page website that’s interesting, engaging, and effective: 

One Pager - The Equative Formula

Back in school, we all learned some amount of mathematical formulas. But have you ever heard about the equative formula of a simplistic one-pager design? 

A Sprinkle of Convenience & Responsiveness + A Pinch of Appeal + A Spoonful of Organization + Intuitive Scrolling + A Sleek Design = A perfect One-Page Website.

Confused? Let’s get into some more details:

A web page is either really good or average. If your Page is good - it would compel your visitors to remember you and your brand. If you are average - you are likely to be forgotten. Remember the simple rule - the general audience is bad at remembering!

Well, the job of making a visually appealing, impactful, and stunning one-pager website is way easier than you have ever imagined! We gathered a handful of useful hacks so you can effortlessly design one-pagers that stand out from the crowd. 

How To Build a One Page Website - The Top 6 Cues

We don’t deny that there is no one-fit-all formula for success. There are multiple industries, markets, and scenarios that require their own unique flavor and style. You need to mix and match various tools and approaches. 

But there is the foundation of a great one-pager that surely will be useful for every business, they act as fantastic stand-out points for a brand if built precisely. Here's a list of the top 6 elements you must include on a one-pager to award it a different degree of functionalism:

1. Brand logo and name

Your brand name and logo are synonymous with your brand recognition; hence, it won't be an exaggeration to call them the most vital element of your one-pager website. Placing the logo at the top of the page ensures visibility and readability. Besides, you should always use high-resolution images so that their visibility remains intact when seen on different devices. 

2. Catchy hook

It's worth keeping in mind that when your visitors land on your page for the first time, they have quite a limited attention span, and you must make that count! The best way to do that would be to build a rapport in the first fold itself. Imagine, you are at a party engaging in multiple conversations. The ones that you are likely to remember the most are the ones that are relatable. 

Your first block needs to be relatable for the audience. You need to establish that you are empathetic toward the user's needs and you are capable enough to solve their problem. 

You can establish this by the use of sharp copy backed with relatable images.

# Pro Tip: Mention your target audience's pain point in the first block. A lab-generated meat company did this exactly, making their one-pager exemplary.  On their official website, they appropriately briefed that they supply meat to the world sustainably - without slaughtering animals or harming the planet. This single-liner objective is true, efficient in catching visitors’ attention and inducing interest, pushing them to scroll down and check how it works.   

If your business/ services deal with intangible products, go for representing your company's vision and mission in a bold, clear yet empathetic sentence. This helps you create an attractive and hooking one-page website. 

3. Story-telling

Let your users know who you are and what's your story. If you are a professional that offers out-of-the-box services, your one-pager website is the best platform to advertise yourself. Adding credentials like diplomas and certificates will be the icing on the cake. They will add more to your credibility, which will help your users to develop trust in you & your services. 

If you're working with tangible products, you should put this part after demonstrating your products and offers.

4. The Solution / Offer

The pain point you have stated in the hook section should be justified further with your service, products, or offers. It should work based on a simple methodology - "This is the problem ( hook), and this is the solution we have ( offer) “. The most rational order of information includes answering people as soon as a question tickles their minds.

For physical products, you can consider inserting images; however, make sure that you don't overload your page with content - the detailed product images and relevant options should be displayed when your prospect proceeds with the purchase process.

5. Tell them more

Now is the time to tell your visitors more about your services/ products. Explain the benefits and/ or features that make your products/ services stand out in miles. In case your users fail to figure out why they NEED your offer, this will help them with a clarification on it.

6. Bullets are Good

To create a one-page website that generates value for you and your users, you should avoid using long sentences and sophisticated words. Instead, consider using bullet points as they help make things concise and clear. 

Final Word

In a nutshell, Keep Things Simple! From vocabularies and alignments to design - keep everything organized and straightforward - don't let the overflowing content scare your users! Here are a few examples of perfect one-pagers :

One-pager websites are fantastic marketing tools that can help you be ahead in the race without taking much of your time and effort. Their simplistic outlook lets you maintain and update them on your own, which omits the need for hiring a specialist developer, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money. 

To make the job even more effortless,  you can consider using Sanitydesk’s all-in-one marketing suite that includes a site builder. From the right software to access to vetted specialists (via marketplace), Sanitydesk equips you with everything that’s required to create a functional one-page website and accelerate your business growth. Make this ultimate all-in-one tool your go-to marketing companion and drive your marketing strategies the way you want to!

Written by:

Kate Virchenko

Marketing Manager

Apr 28, 2022



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