Tell us about Your Business

This section is designed to tell us everything you need to use to build your business online.

These questions are designed to make you think hard about your business.

Take them seriously, and put some time into them. 

If you get this part right, everything else will follow. 

Literally, once you answer these questions properly, you will just have to follow instructions to build your entire business. 

To give you some context on why you are answering each question, we will tell you how these answers will be used to build your business. 

For example, when we ask you to tell us about your main types of customers, you will know that it will be used for your website homepage structure and your quiz segmentation tool. 


Your Ideal Clients

Describe your Top 3-4 Ideal Clients you normally work with (please list your ideal clients in order of preference for you — i.e. list your best clients (most ideal) from top to bottom (least ideal). 

Why are we asking for this? On the homepage of your website, we will use these descriptions to let the people you are able to help that they are in the right place (Example of the Website homepage). 

We will also use this information to create a segmentation survey to help you segment your audience when people go into your marketing funnel.

Here are a few examples of Ideal Client segmentations.

SanityDesk, Inc — we build software for small businesses that want to build their business online.

1) Expert/Coaches/Consultants
2) Service/Software Businesses
3) Marketing Agencies
4) Businesses that sell physical products

Avalon Institute — Avalon Institute provides personal life coaching for people who want to find their purpose in life.

1) Workers who are happy in their day job
2) Workers who have a day job but are not fulfilled with it.
3) Someone who is currently not working (Unemployed, or a caregiver home)
4) A business Owner

Inquiry Institute — Inquiry Institute sells training based on the book “Change your Questions, Change your Life.”

1) Businesses/organizations
2) Coaches
3) Consultants
4) Educators 

Describe your Top 3-4 Ideal Clients