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SanityDesk is designed for services businesses, whether consultants, coaches or many others. Get all the essential tools you need to grow online (website, marketing, sales CRM and support). Launch your brand online and build high-converting funnels like a business 10x your size.


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With SanityDesk, you can be confident you have what you need now (and future) to successful grow. One powerful software solution combined with access to top specialists (via marketplace).


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Set up and launch your business online in one place. All the tools you need - and it's free to get started.

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About SanityDesk

5 years ago we started building what became SanityDesk. We knew small businesses needed a better way to grow online which was fair.

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Build Your Entire Business Online in One Place

Need to grow an existing business or a new business online? Get Early Access to SanityDesk software for free.

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For Small Business Owners

Struggling launch or effectively grow your business online? Get access to the education, the software, the support and marketing specialists to help you succeed.

SanityDesk is the only place where you get everything together.

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For Marketing Specialists

SanityDesk solves the of the biggest problems for marketing consultants.

  • Access all the tools to grow your clients in one place, even for free.

  • Gain new customers by joining the SanityDesk Marketplace.

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SanityDesk is already helping 250+ small businesses in the private beta

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