SanityDesk Closed BETA Pricing

Build your entire business onilne with the SanityDesk Page Builder, Marketing Automation Tool, Support Desk, Sales CRM, and Team Communications Tool.

SanityDesk Marketing

Website & Page Builder

Build your entire website, blog and all marketing funnel pages in one place.

Quiz & Survey Builder

Create both scored and non-scored questions to create fun, interactive experiences.

Form Building Tool

With both mandatory and optional fields, ask both closed and open-ended questions and get to know your audience.

Lead & Customer Lists

Create custom lists based on both behavior (page visits and video views), and client data (survey and quiz question answers).

Smart Content Blocks

Create unique variations of every block on every page, email, and communication they ever see.

Smart Content Library

Update advanced custom communication blocks to your audience across your entire web presence in seconds.

Custom Video Player

Host all of your videos and display custom call to actions throughout and at the end of each video

Automated Marketing Email Builder

Build custom unique emails to speak to your leads, Bring them back to your website, and turn them into customers.

Communication Workflows

Build personal journeys for each client, as well as date-based campaigns for your entire business.

Deadline Timers

Create real urgency with the unique individual, and date-based countdown timers for special offers and sales.

Online Shopping Cart

Sell your prospects both physical and digital products with our online shopping cart that integrates with both Stripe and PayPal.

3 FREE Marketing Coaching Calls

Get expert advice on how to map and build out a marketing funnel that makes full use of the SanityDesk Advanced Features to Grow Your Business

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