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Watch this short video to explain how to join this special CLOSED BETA group to become a certified marketing strategy and a technical consultant on the SanityDesk Software

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Now You Have No Excuses to Delay Your Business Launch Online

Setting up your business online isn’t easy.

You know this, because you do it for a living.

You’re tired of having to string together endless pieces of software just to make things work.

And your clients are tired of paying you to do this work.

You’re tired of your clients having to choose between paying expensive software bills and yourself.

Now it’s time to consolidate everything you do into one piece of software, designed for marketers.

SanityDesk was built by marketers for marketers. 

So every marketing consultant in the world doesn’t have to learn more than one piece of software for their clients.

And the best part about it is that it’s FREE.

Yes, your clients get EVERYTHING they need to setup online without paying anything.

They only have to pay once they start getting real results.

This special, CLOSED BETA program is limited however.

To marketing consultants who are certified on our software.

Only business owners who pay us, or pay certified marketers for their strategy, will be allowed on the platform.

Now is your chance to get certified as a marketing strategist, and a SanityDesk Software consultant.
When you finish this workshop, you will have the chance to charge clients for your strategic framework.

In turn, they will see the value in the plan you propose and will be much more willing to pay for it.

And the best part is, since they don’t have to pay for software right away, they can spend this money on producing traffic that will get results.

And you can certainly charge them to do this type of work using our software.

To maintain your certification on SanityDesk, all you need to do is finish the StoryFunnel Workshop.

The StoryFunnel Workshop includes:

  1. The StoryFunnel MasterClass - Go through a complete training program on how to develop your entire marketing strategy.

  2. FREE SanityDesk Software - Get the SanityDesk Software for FREE and only pay until you are set up and getting real results.

  3. The StoryFunnel Workshop - 6 x LIVE Weekly Training Programs to help you build your funnel with our help.

  4. Find a Marketing Specialist - If you want help with your marketing going forward we can connect you with a marketer going through the same training.

Ready to invest in your business future?