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Sidewinder Digital

Sidewinder Digital is a marketing agency like no other. Helping businesses to grow by attracting new customers, through video, storytelling and even poetry! Our Goal; to provide your business with fully qualified, targeted marketing leads that bring in a great return on your advertising spend!

Website and funnel builders, SEO, Copywriting, FB ads, video scripting and production

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Vievient Choy

I have over 10 years’ experience in digital marketing and have extensive experience in building landing pages, crafting email marketing campaigns, and launching Facebook ads campaign that generate quality leads. I am a Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional, Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate and StoryFunnel Certified Marketer at SanityDesk. Clients I’ve worked with are from the Real Estate/ Property industry; and Trainers, Coaches, Speakers and Consultants from various industries. I will be happy to go on a non-obligatory discovery call with you to discuss your digital marketing needs and strategy.

Facebook Ads, Copywriting, Building Landing Page

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Pedro Paquemar - JungleWP LTD

I am a Business coach and Co-founder of JungleWP LTD. I am helping Business Owner, SMB, and SME to go to their Digital transformation and support them in their Marketing Strategy. Over last years I am supporting more than 45 clients in different countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, and USA. I have more than 10 years experience in the Consulting Business and also a MBA in General International Management.

My team are Coaches, Developers, Marketers, Network Engineers, System Architects, SEO Specialists to help you grow your Business. We can assist you as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), Managed Cloud Hosting, Care Service, Security service, Website Scaling, Website Creation and Team Collaboration Solution.

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VM Design Studio

You shouldn’t have to struggle with the constant changes in technology. The challenges of trying to beat the tech learning curve which is why I design and build funnels with clear messaging that resonates with your target audience. With 8+ years of experience I can teach or do for you:

✅Lead generation with the right audience

✅Convert the right leads into customers

✅Organizing and automating your online business

✅Increase revenue with a well-designed sales funnel

A clear and quickly executable done-for-you marketing strategy can do just that. I work well with individuals, start-ups, small-mid sized companies.

Sales & Sales Funnel Design, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Email Sequences/Automations, Project Management/Organization, Google My Business, Reputation Management, FB Ad Copy & Graphics, Graphic Design

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Percussion Marketing

Percussion Marketing delivers on a simple concept - full-funnel strategic marketing consulting should always include tactical implementation. Without execution, roadmaps to success often go underutilized, and well-planned strategic initiatives too easily fail. Instead, a carefully examined communications strategy combined with traditional storytelling techniques, when executed properly, should help businesses deliver more compelling, more meaningful messages that engage and inspire their audiences. Being held accountable to reach, capture, and convert those audiences profitably is how we are measured. Offering includes Full-funnel, B2B and B2C Lead Gen Marketing Strategy, Tactical Implementation, and Campaign Execution and Reporting.

Funnel Content Mapping and Creative; Tech Stack Audit and Build; Campaign Management - Online and Offline; Copywriting, Creative, Video, Animation; Ads - FB/Instagram, Content Network, Retargeting; Opti-Channel Marketing Services - 1:1 Direct Mail, Email, Social, Text, Traditional (Radio/TV/Print) Campaign Management and Reporting; Website SEO; eCommerce.

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Oyetayo R. Ojoade

Oyetayo is an educator and a Trinidadian Nigerian filmmaker whose work straddles both Caribbean and African perspectives. He has produced and directed several short films but specializes in investigative documentaries. Tayo as his colleagues call him has worked with young people through teaching video and photography in several government programs. Tayo enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures, an opportunity afforded him through volunteering to create short documentaries for organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

Videography, Editing, Photography, FB ads, Graphic Design

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Gary Christensen

Business owner, trained on Sanity Desk software.

Trained on Sanity Desk software, copywriting, Photoshop, Premiere.


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Charlie Govea

Business Growth Specialist with business training from Germany, USA and the United Kingdom. Mentor for the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and StoryFunnel Certified Marketer Consultant at SanityDesk.

Development of Business Growth Strategies to Launch Online Businesses and Traffic Generation (leads and sales).

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Tess Njoroge

I'm an upcoming social media manager / Instagram expert looking to help coaches and consultants attract quality leads from social media (Instagram).

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Wilhelmien van Nieuwenhuizen & David Baboulene

Tell the Stories you need to tell, with clarity and authenticity, connecting heart to heart, and be right on target with your StoryMarketing Journey!

Our passion is to provide you with the marketing acumen to present your client with a clear message which builds trust and assures them that they will receive quality and value from you.

Creating your Strategy and Copywriting on the SanityDesk Software Platform to launch your StoryMarketing successfully.

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Seng Wong

With a background in digital marketing & software engineering & a passion for helping Experts, Authors and Coaches. Seng is committed to your online success.

Our Passion Is To Help Business Owners Build, Launch, & Grow Your Business Online by Using Mother Nature Framework.

Our Mission Is To Remind Business Owners That We Are Part of Mother Nature. Even In The Business World, We Can't Escape, including Marketing!

"Your Inner World Shapes Your Outer World, Truly Your Inner Marketing MUST Shapes Your Outer Marketing" by Seng Wong

We Help You to Activate Your Inner Marketing that Will 16x Your Outer Marketing Results.

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Alejandro Sala

Title on Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation, University of Queensland, Australia.
+35 years experience with outstanding results building marketing strategies for Mazda, Pfizer, British American Tobacco, Movistar, BellSouth, Warner Lambert, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, SabMiller, ICRC (International Committee Red Cross - Ad honorem), Wendy’s, and many other national brands.

Published two books: Compro porque me da la gana (I buy because I want) and  Quiero otro Chocolate ( Want another Chocolate) on consumer decisions and great result cases.

Postgraduate Professor at Universidad de Los Andes on Marketing Strategy for Latinamerican professionals. 
Happily married, father of four. Hobbies: GOLF! Auto races, traveling and visiting beautiful beaches. 

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