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Do you want to build something that matters?

Our mission at SanityDesk is to help small business owners build, manage, and scale their entire business online with our all-in-one digital platform.


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Customer Success Manager

If you want to become an expert in marketing, hone your marketing skills by coaching our customers to get fully setup online.

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Full Stack Software Developer

For talented Software Developers. Push yourself and your coding abilities by writing high-quality code that people use.

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Sales Development Representative

Hone your skills as a sales professional under a top marketing and sales expert who will mentor you.

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Our journey

The story of SanityDesk


SanityDesk's Values

Use compassion and respect others

We listen, try to understand, and help one another. We use empathy in our day to day communication. We always approach with good, pure intentions. We work together absent of egos and political agendas.

Build trust with transparency and honesty

We believe that trust is essential to a culture of innovation. We build clarity through transparency. We manage others’ expectations, being honest about our intentions and capabilities. We have the courage to speak up, ask for help, and connect with others in a genuine way.

Do the right thing with integrity

We believe in integrity - we should do what we say we are going to do. We do not do what we say we are not gonna do. We take responsibility when we fall short. When we don’t know what to do – we do the right thing, we do what is objectively ethically right.

Pursue growth and learning

We are always eager to experiment and learn by doing. We are constantly searching for opportunities and development. We prioritize people’s growth – team members should never feel bad to move on if they don’t feel like growing anymore. We want every team member leaving the company to feel being a better version of themselves than how we found them.

Take ownership, be responsible

We all treat the company as if we were founders. We care about the company's reputation and its’ results that drive us to act with a sense of responsibility. We believe in asking for forgiveness rather than permission – mistake of commission (doing something based on our understanding of our values) is better than waiting for permission or doing nothing. We believe mistakes are acceptable as long as we own them, learn from them, and go above and beyond to reverse any damage caused.

Obsess over our customers, provide a high level of service

We believe that small businesses change the world and we are laser-focused on serving them. We try to create solutions rather than features. We aim to provide the highest possible level of services and experience for the client. We constantly work to earn and keep our users' trust and loyalty.


Create a positive atmosphere and team spirit

We choose positivity (over negativity). We appreciate, show gratitude, and celebrate the little victories. We help each other; one for all, and all for one. We are tolerant and inclusive. We are humble about our own knowledge and expertise. We think that asking for help and being vulnerable shows strength, not weakness.

Be open-minded and creative

We are able to step outside our comfort zone and consider other perspectives and ideas. We accept that others have a right to share their beliefs and thoughts. We formulate statements based on proper research and arguments. We are always open to receive constructive feedback. We are able to have own ideas challenged
and we don’t get angry when we are wrong.

Organize for innovation

We believe that structure is good as long as it serves innovation. We choose the best ideas over hierarchy. We aim for simplicity – do more with less. We start with “why” and try to clarify how it corresponds with the end goal.

Give back to the world

We aim to give back to the communities that made us possible and host us. We want to make the world around us a better, more sustainable place. We help each other to become our best version every day. We make things around us better.


SanityDesk is an Angel-Funded, International SaaS Startup


Kyiv, Ukraine

Product & Marketing


Austin, Texas

Sales & Support


Kraków, Poland

Design & Engineering

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  • Worldwide
  • Full time

Technical Product Manager (OPENING SOON)

  • Kyiv / Remote
  • Full time

Customer Success Manager

  • Kyiv / Remote
  • Full time

Full Stack Developer JS/PHP/NODE.js

  • Kyiv / Remote
  • Full time

Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Kyiv / Remote
  • Full time

Sales Development Representative

  • Kyiv / Remote
  • Full time

Financial Administrative Assistant

  • Kyiv
  • Full time

Sales Manager

  • Kyiv
  • Full time

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