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Our team comes from all around the world. We speak more than 10 languages. But diversity means more than just nationality and language. We cherish the diversity of opinion and creativity and recognise that it makes us all stronger.



We move fast. Our team loves it when you take the initiative and make things happen. When it goes well, we learn. When it goes wrong, we learn. Initiative at all levels of our business is essential to our growth.



We cherish team spirit at SanityDesk. No matter what division of the business you’re in, you’ll find yourself supporting and working with everyone else. Counting on your colleague is more than just a responsibility, it’s something we’re proud to do.



Building a great product is both an art and a science. Here, you’ll be able to play with concepts and ideas that most businesses would put firmly back in the box. Our team loves the ability to be creative and work together with clients to take risks.



We prize openness. Our team doesn’t always get it right. When we recognize that’s OK, we’re able to start fixing things. We have the freedom to be open to new ideas. We also benefit when we’re open with each other.



Because we only work with clients whose products or services we’d actually buy (and frequently do) we’re invested in their success. As experts in our chosen fields, we’re dedicated to mastering our craft. As creatives working on projects we care about, we bring passion to our work.



Each team member is critical to a project’s success. So every one of us owns what we do. That means taking both responsibility AND accountability. Because we own what we do, it means more to us. We learn quicker. 



We’re growing fast and trying new ideas every day. But when the chips are down, what binds us together is loyalty. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t go the extra mile for each other.



Breaking new ground means all sorts of opportunities. We get to try new concepts and approaches. We do things differently from everyone else. This means we learn more. 

SanityDesk is an Angel-Funded, International SaaS Startup


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