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Get everything your business needs to succeed online in 21 days (or faster if you work hard).

Get 5 Dedicated Website Building, Design, Copywriting and Technical Setup Calls to build your Entire Website and back-office online.

Once you agree that you have the right strategy, sign-up for the SanityDesk Software (plans start at $99 per month after a one-time setup fee of $499).

Your SanityDesk TechLife Team will Build, Design, and Write your Website.

Then your TechLife Engineer will setup your marketing automation, Sales CRM, Support Desk, and team communication area. 

Your entire Business will be built for you, and done right. It will just work. All in one place.

We do the heavy lifting - all the building, designing, and copywriting (You just need to Approve Our Work)

This is a limited time, discounted offer.


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  • How can you guarantee that we will launch my business in 21 days?
    • If you are willing to do the work, you can finish launching your entire business online in 14 days.

      Of course, this depends on you setting aside the time to do the homework, complete the worksheets, and schedule your calls with us.


  • How much does the SanityDesk TechLife Business Launch Program Cost?
    • SanityDesk TechLife Business Launch program starts with an upfront setup fee to complete your strategy coaching and the build out of your entire business online.

      This fee is either $499 (if you choose the basic plan with 3 TechLife coaching calls), or $999 if you take the TechPartner program with 3 TechLife coaching calls, and 3 additional business strategy calls with the Founder (Samuel P.N. Cook).

      To participate in the program, you need to also subscribe for the SanityDesk Software. The TechHealth basic plan is $99 per month (you manage your tech with dedicated support) and the TechPartner premium plan is $299 (we manage your tech for you, all you have to do is provide creative content and let us handle the rest).

  • This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?
    • It's simple.

      This is a limited time offer to help us get rapid feedback on our product.

      SanityDesk, Inc. is an angel-investor backed tech startup based in Austin Texas.

      We are offering this special pricing and dedicated support during our initial launch and Closed BETA period.

      We anticipate these prices will rise in the future as we grow and scale our brand.

  • If I don't have a business, can I still apply?
    • If you want to launch a business, there is no better way to get started than with a real strategy (which we would normally charge $2,000 for this coaching) and the tech support to rapidly help you learn the tool.

      The best businesses start with a solid foundation.

      There is no better program out there online for this low price, with dedicated 1-on-1 coaching and support.

  • What will we discuss on the first call?
    • The first call will be a complete IT strategy session. 

      You will get a series of questions to answer before the call, and on this call with these questions you will design your entire website, marketing funnel, and sales and support infrastructure.

      Once you finish the first call, you will have everything you need to build and launch your website.

  • How long will the entire process take? Can I move faster than 14 days?
    • Yes, you can move as quickly as your little feet will carry you :)

      The typical customer takes 14-30 days to build their entire business IT on this system, but you are welcome to move faster (pending your rep's availability).

      But no matter how fast you want to move, we will make sure you can get there with our support.

      We will not stand in the way of your launching your business as quickly as possible.

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