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Your Score Breakdown

Read below how you scored per section and what you should focus on next.

Website - Beginner

You haven’t built your website yet. But this is common - 70% of businesses that we speak to are in the same position.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to create an attractive, well-laid out website that sells your business online effectively. 

You can create an effective website within 7 days. Today, you don’t need lots of money or a technical team. The costs and barriers have come down.

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What’s the process?

  1. Start by mapping out what pages you need and the optimal structure for them.
  2. Use a smart website creator that makes it easy to create beautiful pages using your layouts.
  3. Add your copy, images and design tweaks to represent your brand.
  4. Integrate it with your marketing automation, sales CRM and other systems.

In our free PDF guide, we go through this step-by-step in detail. You will know what the best practices are to create a successful website, hassle-free - in 7 days.


Marketing Automation - Beginner

But here’s the upside - you will see an outsize effect after you implement proper marketing automation.

Marketing automation is an essential piece to any successful online business. It'll help you in many ways, including:

  • nurture leads and convert them into sales,
  • turn past customers into returning customers,
  • implement mass personalization (web pages, email) to give the individual touch your customers want

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Workflow Tool

What do you need to get started?

  1. Make sure your website is suitably set up (if not, fix this first)
  2. Define the customer journeys you want to create (how you will convert them from website visit to successful sale)
  3. Identify the marketing automations you need (or are missing)
  4. Implement your marketing automation with a solution that is fully integrated.

If you are new or this is unfamiliar, claim your free PDF guide. You will learn what to do step-by-step from the beginning.

It also includes ‘recipes’ that you can implement this week to kickstart your marketing automation.

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Sales CRM - Beginner

Like most businesses, you’re using manual processes to organize and manage sales. Perhaps you’re using just your inbox.

You are probably losing sales. But the good news - it’s easy to start using a sales CRM.

With a sales CRM, it will become easy to:

  • prioritize sales & identify opportunities (incl. upsells),
  • know when to follow-up and with what message,
  • provide better intelligence for marketing, sales and support team.

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Sales Deal Board

What do you need in a sales CRM to succeed?

Contact management, deal stages, sales task management, plus integration with marketing automation and support desk.

To get started, claim your free PDF guide. You will learn how to set up your sales CRM step-by-step from the beginning to see results fast.


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Support Desk - Beginner

You aren’t using any support desk and are relying on manual processes.

Your email is probably busy and you may be finding it hard to track and respond to all support requests.

But you are also fortunate  - by not having any existing legacy systems, you can create a true support desk system.

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Ticket Creation

To create the Apple Store experience for your customers, you need to invest in a support desk system. This includes:

  • unified inbox (all messages in one place)
  • support task management and tracking
  • support request tracking (that contacts can see)
  • full integration with other systems (marketing automation, CRM)

To get started, claim your free PDF guide. You will learn the best way to set up your support desk quickly. You will know what mistakes to avoid and how to integrate it with all your systems.


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Team Communication - Beginner

You aren’t using any systems to seamlessly organize tasks about your business and customers

Your team (in-house or freelancers) are likely not executing as well as you know is possible. This is at the heart of every successful business - online or offline.

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Team Organization

You need to build your entire business so your team is connected to every system.

To do this, you need to make sure that everything is working seamlessly.

Here is how you do it:

  • Clearly Define the Steps to your Delivery process for each Product
  • Create a team area where all team members can collaboriate on delivery of products
  • Create a place where your team can segment it's communication between clients and team on delivery.
  • Integrate your team communications with Marketing, Sales, & Support.

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