Our Mission

Creating an Ecosystem Where Entrepreneurs Confidently Build And Grow Their Businesses Online

SanityDesk Overall Vision

Our Vision for Entrepreneurship Online

Our vision is to create a world where entrepreneurs are connected to the people and tools they need to grow - and all stakeholders own and can profit from their data.

At SanityDesk, we have spent the last 9 years working with solo-preneurs, and micro-small businesses (teams of under 20 people) start, grow, and manage their business online.

Our founders (Samuel P.N. Cook and Tyron Dizon) started as digital marketers who ran a marketing agency (James Cook Media) focused on building digital marketing campaigns for small businesses.

With extensive experience building, integrating, managing every system online for their clients, we saw that business owners hate dealing with their techlife.

So we decided to build an entire eco-system to help new and aspiring business owners build, manage, and grow the tech online, so they can focus on what they love doing - serving their clients.

After 4 years of building and tinkering in the background on our own technology, we decided to raise money and bring SanityDesk to the world.

Our Journey to handling your TechLife


First Line of Code

In the beginning, the first line of code was written for James Cook Publishing at Hub:raum's innovation hub in Krakow, Poland by Krzysztof (our lead developer) for CMS to manage and build websites and funnel pages for our clients. The developers lovingly called it L3 CMS (the site explaining their naming still exists at LessLivingLive.com).

Hub:raum Krakow


James Cook Media

After James Cook Publishing ran out of money, the owner, Samuel P.N. Cook started a new company called James Cook Media in Warsaw, Poland. He started teaching a Traffic and Conversion Meetup with Ewa Wysocka of Tribe47 at Google's Innovation Campus in Warsaw. Here he slowly built James Cook Media, paid off debts from James Cook Publishing, while continuing to build the L3 CMS with Filip and Szymon (our new development team).

TC Meetup


$1.8 Million Case Study

From March 2018 - October 2018, James Cook Media built a marketing funnel on the future SanityDesk Software that generated $1.8 Million in revenue for Peter Sage, a business development coach. Peter Sage was SanityDesk Customer #1. The software at the time consisted of our page builder, quiz software, and online checkout system integrated with Stripe. This photo is James Cook Media Founder Samuel P.N. Cook speaking on stage at the Sage Business School in London in 2016.

Sage Business School


The StoryGuild

After the Sage Business School talk, dozens of members from the Sage Business School community asked for help building, and scaling their businesses online. At this point, James Cook Media Founder Samuel P.N. Cook formed the StoryGuild, a 1-year marketing Program to help business owners and marketers build and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy online.

StoryMatters Workshop JCM


StoryMatters Workshop

By January 2018, our old lead developer Krzysztof had rejoined our development team and had brought our internal product to the point where other clients were using it for their funnels. We decided to launch a mass, early beta test of the Software through the StoryMatters Workshop in January, 2018. Over the next year, over 50 clients would build and launch their funnel online in a 6-day workshop using the earliest versions of the SanityDesk Software.

Workshop Business Owners


Angel Investment Journey

After hiring a high-end UI/UX designer in 2018, and engaging additional developers to build a SaaS worthy product, we decided to raise money for Software development for James Cook Media. In August 2018, Brad Furber of Aery Advisors joined the StoryMatters Workshop as a client to help market Aery Advisors to young startup founders who needed money to raise capital. In May of 2019, James Cook Media engaged Brad to help build and execute our fundraising strategy and begin raising money for the investment. in James Cook Media.

Brad Furber


SanityDesk is Founded

After raising our first $50,000 in Angel Investment, we formed SanityDesk was founded as a SaaS startup on the 31st of October 2019. We chose our Corporate Headquarters in downtown, Austin Texas to tap into the marketing tech and digital marketing thought leadership community. Our tech and main support offices remain in Kyiv, Ukraine. With Aery Advisors Principal, Brad Furber as Chairman, we formed our advisory board with the first members out of Austin, including 4 X NY Times Best-selling author and founder of Scribe Media, Tucker Max.

Austin, TX (3)


SanityDesk Launches

In February, 2020 SanityDesk launched a Closed BETA version of its software. Despite the ensuing COVID-19 shutdown across the world, we have managed to gain a consistently growing customer base among business owners and marketing agencies who want to resell our software. We have also raised a total of $300,000 in Angel Investment led by an experienced group of investors (from 2Enable Partners) from San Francisco's startup community.

Cecil Tech Support

The Co-Founders of SanityDesk


Samuel P.N. Cook
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Samuel is a former U.S. Cavalry Officer that graduated from West Point in 2000. After 2 combat tours in Iraq, he taught history at West Point. In 2012, he founded James Cook Media to work with micro-small businesses. James Cook Media started working on the technology (in 2015) that later became SanityDesk (in 2019). He is the proud Godfather to his co-founder Tyron's daughter Tyrise Samantha Dizon.



Tyron Dizon
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Tyron served as a manager at James Cook Media for 7 years. He started as a project manager and support rep, mastering every major CRM system on the marketing, from Hubspot to Salesforce and everything in between. He then became the Chief Product Officer at James Cook Media and developed the technology that became SanityDesk. Tyron co-founded SanityDesk and leads the Product team.


SanityDesk is an Angel-Funded, International SaaS Startup


Kyiv, Ukraine

Engineering & Marketing Office


Austin, Texas

Headquarters & Sales

Board of Directors

SVP, Quest Software

Tony Orlando has served as CRO board member and executive advisor in companies small and large, private and public, for 25+ years. Most recently he served as SVP Global Field Operations at Delphix. Before this, he served EVP of Market and Client Services at 3Pillar Global, which was acquired by CIP Capital in March 2020.

Sandor Hatvany
Manager, 2enable Partners

Sandor Hatvany is an executive partner for 2enable Partners, a Family Partnership primarily focused on private equity investments that succeed in serving all of their constituents; customers, investors, employees, business partners, the environment, and the community at large. Former investments include Harmonix (Guitar Hero) and JustGiving.com.

Thomas Dorame.png
Colonel (Retired) U.S. Army

Thomas Dorame is the Vice President of Space Foundation's Strategic Operations in Washington, D.C. His military career highlights include command assignments at numerous levels, and operational deployments to: Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait: 1991); Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia: 1996): and Operational Iraqi Freedom (Iraq: 2003,2008,2010).

Key Advisors

Lawyer & Investor Advisor

Brad Furber served as President & CEO of a consumer Internet and software venture, a co-founder and managing member of a corporate finance and securities boutique law firm, an equity partner in a Global 100 Law Firm, and a director of several for-profit and non-profit corporations and foundations.

Country Director, Effortel

Andrew has led & enabled growth for multi-national corporations & Startups. He has served in Sales, Commercial, Marketing, & Product & Tech leadership in GE, SAP. He also served Tesco as COO of Tesco Mobile. In addition, Andrew has co-founded & listed multiple businesses on the London Stock Exchange besides co-founded, worked for & advised in startups in Silicon Valley.


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