A Tech Marriage Made In Hell?

Samuel P.N. Cook

Oct 27, 2021

In the opening scene of their 2005 film, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play a husband and wife who are sitting on a therapist's couch, answering questions about their marriage.

Their body language alone tells you that all is not well.

Mr&Mrs Smith

John (played by Brad Pitt):  "Okay, I'll go first.  Let me say that we don't really need to be here.  You see, we've been married five years" —

"Six," interjects Jane, coldly (played by Angelina Jolie).

John (dismissive wave of the hand): "Okay, 5-6 years.  And this is like a checkup for us. A chance to poke around the engine, maybe change the oil.  Replace a seal or two."

Therapist: "Very well then.  Let’s pop the hood."  

The couple then goes on to tell the story of how they fell in love and got married. 

John says that Jane "looked like Christmas morning" to him on the day they met ...

Jane says she thought he looked like "the most beautiful 'mark'" she had ever seen.

But then, like a lot of marriages ... the magic died.  

It faded and couldn't be brought back. 

And when you think about it...

This is exactly why so many businesses fail, too.

How so?

Pull up a chair, and I'll tell you...

Look, the romance is the easy part, right?

The walks on the beach, the spontaneous weekend getaways to Italy, the late-night phone chats ...

That's how it can feel when you first start your business, too.

You pick a domain name, create a logo, maybe print up some business cards.

You're in love — You have your own business!

But then, like any marriage, reality sets in ...

Logistical tasks need to get done.  

Kids need to be picked up from school.  Trash needs to be hauled to the curb.  

It's not fun. It's not sexy.  

But if you don't take care of these humdrum things, you end up like this…Angie & Brad

Alright, so obviously we don't need to get into the specifics of why those two broke up...

My point is this:

Just like not handling mundane responsibilities will kill most any marriage, you will be out of business if you don't get your tech handled.

Take customer service, for example ...

You love your customers. You WANT to help them.

But if you're relying on an ordinary email account to handle your customer service, you're simply not meeting the standard that people expect these days.

Requests will fall through the cracks.  

Refunds go up as a result.  

And your customers fall out of love with you pretty quickly.

Then they tell the world on social media.

That's just one example of how a bad tech life becomes an excuse for a failing business.

There's a German saying that roughly translates to: 

"Too much pottery has been broken."

And it's true.  

If you break that trust with your customers, then you will have also broken too much pottery.

And here's the thing:  It's so unnecessary!

There's simply no reason to have your tech all over the place...

... logging into five different pieces of software...

... spending half the night figuring out one piece of software, only to discover that Zapier won't magically scotch-tape the whole thing together...

... all while paying monthly bills for features you don't even need (or even if you did, how you could ever get them to actually work?)

There's a better way, you know. 

A way that:

... keeps everything in one place.

... has real, live people to help you whenever you need it.

... gives you a CRM you can depend on to help you execute whatever you need.

... seamlessly delivers your products and services.

... eliminates the need for integrating multiple third-party services.

... delivers your emails, sales messages and special offers at precisely the right time.

I could go on.  

If you want to hear more about this, then go take this test to determine where YOUR tech life currently stands, take our Apple Store Audit.


Where do YOU stand with your tech life?

As far as I'm concerned, you fall into one of these four categories:

1.  You have "No Tech Life," which means ...

You're what I call a "tech virgin."  You can't figure it out.  You don't know where to start.  And it's stopping you from starting your own business. 

The good news?  

If you have no tech life, you're actually easier to help than anyone else!  This is because you don't come in with preconceived notions.  As a result, great things happen for you quickly.

2.  You have a "Bad Tech Life," which means ...

You’re already paying for some tech tools ... but you really have little clue about how to use them effectively. 

You might have trouble getting your website up ... or you can't get your marketing funnel to function ... or else it's unorganized to the point where you’ve lost all control.keyboard

3.  You have a "Crazy Tech Life," which means ...

You started paying for a bunch of pieces of software and you spend all your time trying to get it all to, oh I don't know, work like it's supposed to?

Before you know it, you're paying for so many services, you can't keep it all straight. 

Your business partner is shaking his head, you're hiding your credit card statements from your wife, and you've created a spreadsheet just to keep track of it all.

You're also using Zapier, deploying API's, and you're paying a tech guy to manage everything for you. 

And even worse, sometimes that person just goes dark on you from seven time zones away, leaving you in Tech Hell's waiting room.  

Simply put, your business is broken because your tech ain't working. 

4.  You have a "Stable Tech Life," which means ...

This is where you've got it figured out ... mostly.  

You've at least gone from being clueless and/or crazy to at least having a somewhat functioning tech life.  

But there's a good chance you haven't yet integrated everything into a single, stable, and fully empowered tech life.  

What do I mean by that?

I mean where it's ALL tied together seamlessly: your website, marketing, automation, sales process, CRM, support desk, team communication, etc.

And that's exactly what we've created at SanityDesk.  Like I said, stay tuned for details in the coming days on how you'll be able to try this out for yourself.

Do you want to know the solution to ALL of these states of being?

It comes down to a simple three-step process:

(1)  Knowing exactly what your needs are (we can help you with this if you don't even know this yet) ...

(2) Creating a blueprint to map out your tech in order to meet those needs.  (We have a dedicated tech support team to show you how to integrate everything.)

(3) Having all the tech tools in one place to make it happen.

And there it is ...

The perfect marriage of business and tech.

Click here to see where your tech relationship stacks up:

Go take this test to determine where YOUR tech life currently stands, take our Apple Store Audit. 

Written by: Samuel P.N. Cook

Samuel P.N. Cook


Oct 27, 2021

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