A Guide To Marketing Automation For Small Businesses

Kate Virchenko

Mar 25, 2022

Ever wondered why some small businesses grow so well as opposed to others that fail despite all the hard work?

Of course, many factors define business success. But the major one is - achieving the most with the least resources. 

This is what makes marketing automation such a powerful tool that businesses need in order to do well. 

We thought about putting together a guide to help you understand marketing automation better and apply the same to your business and here we go.

Oh, and we also collected the best marketing automation tools that small businesses can benefit from. 

So, stay tuned and make sure to read till the end, you'll love it. 

Marketing Automation- What Is It And How Does It Work?

When done properly, marketing includes a whole bunch of activities. Quite a bit of those might be boring or repetitive, but still important.

For example, often companies may struggle to post on social media every day at the right time. The challenge is mostly common for beginner businesses with small teams or solopreneurs who are already responsible for millions of tasks.

If that sounds familiar - it's time for you to embrace Marketing Automation!

Marketing automation uses software for automating monotonous and routine yet important marketing tasks. 

These could be tasks like social media posting, ad campaign tweaks, email marketing, and so on. 

One of the top benefits of using automation is that it never sleeps. Thus, your posts will come out even when you have to leave earlier one day and your email campaigns will be delivered at 8 am (so a member of your team can have an extra hour of sleep).

If we had to list out the top benefits of Marketing automation, we would go for the following:

  • Helps you achieve more results with the same resourcing;

  • Less error in output (Humans are allowed to make errors, the tech is not);

  • More flexibility 

  • Smarter decision based on conditional triggers (e.g. If a prospect, opens your promotional mail 3 times in a row, you may want to send a meeting booking email)

Tools and Software to use for Marketing Automation

Choosing the right software can be a lengthy and tedious process since there are so many options available. 

It is important to get maximum output from a minimum set of tools - else, the software cost may end up being too expensive for the business. 

Here are some of the most sought-after marketing automation tools for small businesses that you might want to have a look at:

1. Marketo

Marketo promises to deliver a marketing automation solution that can cover all sorts of engagements and channels. 

Ever since Adobe acquired Marketo, the list of functions that it offers has only increased by the day.

Its full-featured marketing automation software can deal with everything from social media and digital advertising to account-based marketing.

On the flipside, Marketo isn’t affordable for all. Its pricing varies depending on the database size and starts at $1,195/month. Usually, it is preferred by startups that are investing heavily in ads and have sufficient investment in the bank.

2. Eloqua

Eloqua is different from the usual solution for marketing automation for small businesses.

A part of the Oracle Suite, it comes with over 700 integrations. This implies that you have the flexibility to streamline and personalize every step of the marketing process using Eloqua. 

Not only that, it is among those handy all-in-one automation tools that explicitly emphasize catering to B2B companies and marketers.

Eloqua is, however, quite complex to implement and requires external support. Also, the pricing starts from $2,000. Therefore it is only popular amongst slightly larger enterprises that can afford it. 

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an ideal marketing automation tool for small businesses, that run small-scale multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

You can use it for creating automated trigger campaigns, collecting new mails automatically, sending follow-up emails, and so on. 

It offers all the features that you will need for the email system of your business. It is a no-nonsense, clutter-free automation system that is just right for the basics. 

Constant Contact starts at $50 per month - making it an affordable option too. 

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation software for small businesses. 

One major reason for Hubspot’s popularity happens to be its cutting-edge content marketing. 

HubSpot is actually a little different from your usual automation software. They emphasize inbound marketing which includes content as well as search marketing. Also, they provide the added benefits of Sales and Service Hubs. 

It implies that it can potentially automate inter-departmental tasks as well. 

Hubspot’s pricing also starts at $50/Month.

5. SanityDesk

SanityDesk is an all-in-one marketing automation software built for small services businesses such as consultants, coaches, marketing specialists, and agencies. Using SanityDesk, you can launch your company online and build high-converting sales funnels in no time. 

It has some amazing features like Website Builder for creating a professional website, Marketing Automation Software for creating a fully automated experience online, CRM Software for managing and tracking sales in order to grab more deals, and so on.

What’s even better?

All these tools and features are available for free (starter plan) and they are interconnected.

So to conclude it all 

Small businesses need marketing automation even more than larger enterprises that can afford to hire an army full of professionals. 

A well-established marketing automation system can help small businesses overcome their staffing challenge and deliver outcomes that are at par with larger enterprises. 

In case, you have concerns about getting started with marketing automation, you could definitely try out SanityDesk. That way you can get a flavor set it all up without the hassles of appointing external developers and all of it for free.


Written by:

Kate Virchenko

Senior Marketing Manager

Mar 25, 2022



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