7 Essential Marketing Tools for Small Business

Anna Lomsadze

Jan 28, 2022

Let me paint a common picture.

You’re a small business owner and you made the decision to grow online.

Maybe you are just starting out. Maybe your business has existed for some time.

Very quickly you realized you needed to invest in software tools - and you started your search.

And it hit you like a tsunami…

There are so many tools to choose from. It can easily feel overwhelming and confusing.

But if you’re a small business, understanding what tools you should consider is much easier than you think.

In fact, there are really just 7 types of marketing tools for small business you should know about.

We’ll go over what these 7 essential tools for marketing are and how they can help you grow online effectively, simply.


Website Building Tool for Small Business

First, you will need a website - a digital home for your business.

A business website plays an essential role but not always an obvious role in growing online. Thus, a website builder is one of the 7 essential marketing tools for small business.

Here are  the top reasons why you need a website:

1. Before buying, potential buyers want to check if you’re credible and trustworthy. They will likely visit your website and look for testimonials, case studies, and info about your company.

The question your website must answer - are you able to deliver on what you promise?

To get a resounding, ‘Yes’, how your website looks is important. A professional, well-designed website builds trust.

When you have both the content and a professional website, you will see more people purchasing 

Many users go to the company website to check their credibility and testimonials. In most cases it builds their trust towards the brand and helps to make a decision.

2. You can use your website to publish educational content and showcase expertise.

Website is also a great place to educate and engage with your clients; upload blogs, courses and other content to help your community grow.

3. You can generate leads from your website.

Some websites are made purely for sales purposes. But even if you create one just to tell your story and share your experience, some visitors can fall in love with your brand and become clients just after the first visit. 

A website has all the information that a user needs to know. It acts as a directory and tells the user not only about your product but also about your story and vision, which is a great way to connect!

You may dabble between a  single-page website or a multi-page website based on your business type. No need to start from complex and long pages. Sometimes conciseness rocks! 

Whatever your artistic vision is, you definitely need a trusty website builder.

The ways you can build a website are limitless: single or multi-page - whatever suits your business. 

Building your website is a fun and exciting activity, but only if you have the right tool to help you with that. There are hundreds of website builders out there, and those can make your life easier.

Let us tell you how exactly these website builders will help you have a professional-looking website with ease:

1. It allows you to build your site from scratch without detailed technical knowledge.
2. You don't need to invest in hiring web developers. That's quite a bit of saving during the early days of business when every penny counts.
3. Making changes and updates are way more manageable when you build your site using a website builder.

The perfect website building tool will contain many templates and designs for you to choose from. You can select, configure and add features and functions of your choice (e.g., social sharing buttons). 

The website builder you should consider will have pre-made page templates as well as block designs to help you create your pages in no time. Drag, drop & adjust that's how your website building process should look like.

That is how you have your perfect website without emptying your pocket or burning the midnight oil.

Would you like to take SanityDesk's website builder for a spin? 

Why You  Need a Website Building Tool:
- easy to create a website with no tech background
- No need to hire a website developer or designer 
- make updates and changes in seconds


Email Marketing Tool for Small Business

Haven’t we all heard the cynic sigh, "Email is dead"?

Well, that’s not true…

Email marketing is thriving in 2022, which makes it another one of the 7 essential marketing tools for small business. Every online business owner should be using it to connect with clients. You don’t want to fall behind, right?

You want to go digital, that’s a fact. And email marketing is here to help - it lets you seamlessly manage your email campaigns, build trust with clients, advertise your offer and so much more.

So to be clear - What is an email marketing campaign? 

It is a group of emails, created for specific purposes sent by your business to one or more of your prospects or clients. You could send the same content to all the recipients or even customize the content for the recipients.

Few main purposes of email campaigns are:

1. Sending personalized emails to potential and existing clients to increase engagement. You can use nurture and newsletter campaigns as well as sales sequences and reminders.

2. Email trigger automation: you can create simple workflows that trigger certain emails. No more manual emailing!

3. A custom email pitching your service to cold leads. 

There are a few more benefits of email marketing, have a look maybe?

But what makes the heart of your email marketing beat, is your user database.

Let us explain.

Using the email marketing tool you can divide your database list into smaller lists of clients that share the same characteristics. 

Here is what we mean:

List A: Everyone who is a free subscriber today

List B: Everyone who hasn't visited my site for 6 months

Now you can send an email to a list with an objective (e.g. 20% off on our premium plan)

How to use this feature?

Send out personalized emails for different purposes and connect with users on a whole different level ( (e.g. 20% off on our premium plan for users who just subscribed)

Saves time, money and keeps you efficient.

That’s not all.

A fully functional email tool will help you manage all your campaigns from one place and will store all the information so that you do not have to search it elsewhere.

The analytics will help you keep track of how users react to your emails: they open it, click on it or maybe it ends up in the spam.

This gives you an idea of how you can improve your campaigns and convert like crazy. 

The best email marketing software should include features such as lead scoring, automation, and segmentation. It should also come with strong reporting and analytics features that will help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

There are many types of email marketing software available in the market, and it is true that many of them allow you to do everything we just mentioned. 

But let's be honest - you have a lot of other things to do rather than just research the right tool. So it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. 

However, if you are using SanityDesk - you can access a full range of email marketing features from within one of the toolsets. 

In other words, you don’t need to look for another software. At all.

Why you need an email marketing tool
- personalizes the message depending on your audience interests 
- analyzes statistics to adjust your email campaigns as needed
- Helps to communicate with multiple customer segments

Funnel Page Builder for Small Business

If you are already selling online, you might have already felt the pain of missing out on sales. 

Or if you are just starting, then you surely understand that this is a lifelong struggle. 

Either way, funnels are here to save your day! 

A website gives the user all the necessary information about you. But funnel leads users through several steps from getting to know about you and your offer, to an actual purchase.

Important to know: a funnel is designed to sell one particular offer rather than the whole brand. This efficient focus helps prepare your user to get closer to your offer - increasing your chances of conversion.

Here’s how a funnel can make magic to your business:

1. It is engaging and lets customers take action with the help of CTAs, forms, quizzes, and more.

2. It gives precisely the needed information, reducing informational noise and focusing on a particular offer or product. 

3. It is a proven way of getting more sales when compared to a website. 

An all-rounder funnel building software will help you build marketing and sales funnels and is an excellent option for small business owners looking for an affordable way to optimize their marketing campaigns. Build your very own funnel using SanityDesk from our wide range of templates. And the best part is you do not need prior coding experience to build one.

Funnels are the trick that not every online business owner has discovered yet, so it is going to be an innovative strategy to differentiate your business. 

Plus, it’s an affordable way to optimize your marketing campaign and play the business game on a whole different level. 

Why You Need A Funnel Builder:
- creates an engaging sales process using quizzes, CTAs, forms etc.
- quick builds using page and workflow templates
- reduces

Customer Relationship Management Tool for Small Business

All business owners have one common rule:

The customer is king.

And to serve your king seamlessly - you need a CRM tool

There is a belief that CRM tools are only used and can bring value to only big businesses, however, it is not true....  

It allows you to manage your leads and contacts under one roof. 

More importantly, it helps you build that trust and helps with customer retention.

Let us go a little deeper and explain why a CRM tool is a must-have if you want to scale your online business. Here’s what you can expect from a standard CRM tool:

1.  Act as a central source of truth for all information related to clients and prospects.

2. Customize engagement using data-driven triggers.

3. Get in-depth insights on the performance of marketing campaigns.

4. Smart insights about low-hanging fruits and easy fixes.

Staying organized with a CRM tool can help you to stay efficient and provide a higher quality service. And of course this means you have more control over your processes and client experience. 

Is there a CRM available for small businesses without the bandwidth and resources of enterprises? Yes, there are. In fact, SanityDesk's in-built CRM could be a great solution to evaluate for free.

Why You Need A Customer Relationship Tool 
- automates your engagement with clients
- improves user experience
- provides easy access to client data

Task Management Software for Small Business

You have built your website, the funnel, written the email, and set up your CRM? Are you good to go?

Well, you don’t want to stop halfway, right? 

Every business starts small but eventually grows.

And to grow in the right direction you are constantly required to stay updated to keep your clients satisfied. 

As a small business owner, you will have to do many tasks. Whether you are working with a team or alone, you need an effective task manager to keep tasks and to-do lists organized and stay at the top of your game.

Today, business owners need task management software to stay in charge and not lose control. 

No more post-its and paper notes!

Here’s why a task manager is one of the 7 essential marketing tools for small business:  

1. It is a great tool to help you collaborate with your internal and external members. 

2. With a task manager, you can send task requests or assign tasks to others. It also helps you keep track of everything.

3. Great for long-term or complex tasks that contain a lot of information. The data stored can be used for future reference. 

4. Helps you keep track of all the assigned tasks and deadlines. 

5. Saves time and keeps you organized.

Why You Need A Task Manager
- it helps to keep all your tasks and their progress in one place
- You can assign tickets and requests to your teammates
- Keeps data related to the ticket in one place

Appointment Scheduling Tool for Small Business 

If you are planning to start your business or you can struggling to close deals for your business - don’t miss out on the importance of an appointment scheduling tool, an essential business tool.

We know well that the best way to close a deal is most often a short call.  However, we often end up missing out on opportunities because we somehow fail to set up that call while there is time.  Honoring appointments is a major responsibility of business owners. 

What’s the best way to ensure that we don’t mess up our appointments? 

Back in the day, executives were backed by a powerful secretary. 

Today, secretaries are not trendy anymore - appointment scheduling software is. 

AI as your personal assistant. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The tool connects your calendar to your calling or conferencing tool as well as to your mailbox and calendar. 

This way the whole process of booking meetings, notifying, and changing the appointment becomes a matter of 10 seconds.

When you go about choosing your suite of tools, an appointment scheduler is something that you should never miss out on. 

Why You Need An Appointment Scheduling Tool
- organizes calls and avoids double-booking
- automatically sends meeting notifications, reminders, and links
- calls give you a higher chance to close a deal

Sales Dealboard Tool for Small Business 

You have now the right set of tools to go and operate online wisely. But we still have one more trick saved for you.

In case you are selling a high-end offer, or you have a complex and long sales process you definitely need a sales deal board tool.

A Sales Dealboard is a continuation of CRM software. 

It helps you keep track of the sales you have made or are in the process of making. 

Deal Boards are a great way to keep track of a client’s movements along the sales pipeline. 

Not only do you get all the relevant information regarding the client or lead, but you can use the information to craft your communication and even communicate using the same tool. 

With all this being said,  you can finally bid goodbye to your dozens of spreadsheets that provided fragile support to your sales process.

Here’s how awesome it is:

1. A clear visual x informational tool that helps you stay on track with the sales process of the client. 

2. Certain sales processes can be pretty complicated. It may require many steps, and a deal board can be a great tool to make sure you do not miss anything or anyone

3. Stay up-to-date with the pipeline. It helps you take the necessary steps to communicate with your clients. 

4. It stores all the required information and notes it down for you. 

5. Track the progress and activity of each sales representative. 

Here's more info about the functionalities of a Sales Dealboard and how beneficial it can be for a small business.

SanityDesk’s Dealboard is best in class regarding the sales needs of solopreneurs and small business owners. 

Why You Need A Sales Dealboard Tool 
- simplifies your collaboration with team 
- assigns tasks and requests to your teammates
- creates multipurpose campaigns


You do not need to be a tech expert to use technology or software to grow your business. These marketing tools for small business are helpful for any growing business and can be set up quite easily. 

The best part about SanityDesk is that it lets you take care of all these from one platform. From creating a funnel or a website to tracking your customer’s journey to finally managing your communications - you get it all with SanityDesk!

More importantly, all these benefits come packaged with an economical pricing plan which allows you to pay as you grow; 24/7 Support, and a concise easy to use interface.

Written by:

Anna Lomsadze

Junior Marketing Manager

Jan 28, 2022



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