6 essential steps to build a sales funnel that converts: tips and hacks

Kate Virchenko

Apr 20, 2022

There are some products/services which are bought impulsively ;anything from dresses and jewelry to haircuts and spa treatments.

However,  in other cases, customers go through a step-by-step decision-making process. For example, you will not hire a web designer just because you saw a fancy ad. You would rather go through several steps to understand the best-fit candidate and then award the job. 

As a seller can you influence this decision-making process? Sure you can if you are using a sales funnel. 

A sales funnel is a series of steps that guide your potential customers through on their journey to purchase. You use your website, landing pages, emails, and social media to build an experience and relationship with your audience, ultimately guiding them to join your list or purchase your product or service.

And just like for any sales page or website, there can be endless variations in funnels. But not many pay attention to and follow a simple structure that actually converts.

To get more context on this blog,  we strongly recommend you to check our previous article - “What is a Sales Funnel”.  It gives you an understanding of what a sales funnel is, it’s key elements 

If you have read it already, let's go ahead and learn how to bring a 4 stage funnel to action. 

What is a sales funnel?
A sales funnel is the sales journey of your beloves customers from discovering your brand to an actual purchase.

It has 4 main stages - awareness, interest, desire and action.

How to Create a Sales Funnel for your Business

So now that we know what a sales funnel is and what it does, let's try to understand how to create a sales funnel that fits perfectly with your business.

Building a Landing Page

A landing page is like the entry gate to your online store. You will not enter a store if you are unsure of what’s going on inside - right? Similarly, you need to build your landing page such that it gives a clear idea to the visitors about your business & entices them to proceed further. 

So what should your landing page be about?

The answer: Whatever makes your product or solution unique!

A landing page should be the opportunity for a customer to get to know and love your brand in just a few seconds. Don't make them search hard for who you are and what you offer is—tell them right away!

Landing pages are opportunities for customers to form a lasting bond with you. This is also your golden opportunity to gather information from them (a form fill-up or sign-up process often does the trick). 

Keep in mind that, unlike a website, a landing page must be concise and straight to the point. A good landing page will have ONE very focused purpose (for example, "sign up for this free trial") and be designed with that goal in mind.

While building that captivating landing page, make sure it communicates the following.

1) Who you are
2)What you have to offer;
3) What pains/issues are you helping to resolve.
4) Who will benefit from your goods/ services.

If you wish you might include some more content, consider adding:

5) Your unique benefits as a business. 
6) Testimonials, reviews, or ratings (people love reading those). 

And lastly, be sure to add: 

7) A form for your customers to fill in their information — seek their email addresses so you can keep that conversation with them.

8) A clear and crisp CTA - Call to action (Duh!).

Offer Something of Value

If your customer is going to spend time at your landing page and provide you with information about themselves, give them something valuable (but, like what?).

It’s pretty transactional that way. You could offer something as simple as a free report, a free tutorial, or even a free session (if it’s not too difficult for you).

In business terms, these giveaways are called  "lead magnets". Just like magnets - they pull leads to your business. Ask for their email address or phone number in return, and use this opportunity to:

1) Grow your contact list
2) Nurture those leads.
3) Offer more value, content, and information to your customers. 

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Nurture Email Sequence

Remember the email addresses you gathered when those prospects visited your landing page? They're going to come in handy here.

You can start by educating your prospects with content(that you share with them in a series of emails) that moves them further along in their buying process. That way, when they do finally decide that they want your offering, they'll know exactly where to go and how to buy it! 

That said, the information you offer doesn't necessarily have to be educational. Promotional materials in such cases work great (you just have to be careful of the information you share). 

And when presented with the golden opportunity, feel free to share those inspiring success stories, testimonials, and related updates with your prospects.


As your customers pace towards the decision stage (finally!), a little nudge here and there with your best offers can drive them into the purchasing decision.

Maybe they've done all the research, checked out all of your competitors, and they're on the verge of making that final decision, but just not there yet. Well, it's time you gave them a gentle push in the right direction.

Here are a few great ways to get those customers moving towards that final purchase decision:

1) Discounts: Show them how much you appreciate their browsing by offering a discount! Even if it's just for a limited time, such as 48 hours, or for a limited quantity of purchases, this can be an effective way to turn browsers into customers.

2) Free trials: If you have an excellent free trial option available for your products or services, it could be a great way to get browsers moving towards that purchasing decision. Sometimes all it takes is a little taste of what you have to offer before people are ready to commit!

Keep it Going

So, you’re in the final step of your sales funnel. You’ve done a great job! But it’s not over yet. 

So how do you get the prospects over that last obstacle?

Think about what your customers need at the moment. Are they short on time? Short on resources? Or do they just need a little more information before they make up their mind?

Whatever the case may be, there are some simple ways to keep that conversation going and keep those customers from changing their minds or hesitating at the last minute. Even if they're not ready to make that purchase just yet, that doesn't mean they're never going to be ready!

Deal Closure

Once you know what's covered, consider what's holding them back from making the purchase. You have already done your research on who your customers are and what they care about—now put that knowledge to good use!

1) If you know they're hesitant about the cost, for example, consider adding an offer for a discount coupon or free shipping to sweeten the deal.

2) If you know they're unsure how your product/service works, allow them to learn more with an informative blog post, video tutorials, or even a live chat feature on your website.

3) If all else fails (and we hope it doesn't!), don't lose hope! You can always go ahead and give your prospect a call. A quick, personal chat over the phone might help you close that deal (especially if the price of the offer is high). Moreover, business owners will always be able to learn and understand the pain points of their prospects better and also be able to pitch how exactly that offer can help the customer.

Find the Leaks in your Sales Funnel Stages

So you probably already know that a "leaky" funnel is - the one where your leads are dropping off at some point. 

But do you know how to tell if yours is leaking? Here are our top 5 ways to know:

1) You are not consistent in the path you want your leads to take. If you're pulling your leads in different directions and presenting them with different CTA options, they will get confused and stop interacting with your brand.

2) Your lead quality has declined, or it has never been that great. A good sign of this is a high rate of unqualified leads—people who never intended to become customers, to begin with, but were drawn into the funnel by false advertising or misleading marketing materials.

3) You are generating qualified leads, but very few of them are moving on down the line towards becoming a customer. This could be because they don't have enough information about what to do next (see #1) or because they're not being nurtured correctly.

4) Your leads have dried up entirely—you're not getting any traffic on your website anymore.

5) You're sending people from one team to another, and they keep getting lost along the way.


How do you make sure that more prospects make it to the end? 

You will need to constantly nurture them as they go through the funnel. You can do this by making sure you're collecting potential customer information and staying in touch with them by continuously communicating, building trust, and reducing concerns & friction. To keep them interested, you will need to keep them engaged by following up with them and offering more segmented personalized offers.

There's a lot to do. And a lot to keep track of. But now, it doesn't have to be so hard. Having a process in place is half the battle won! In this article, we have put that together for you! Now, it’s all about using the right tools to execute. We have some great news on that front as well:

SanityDesk has all the tools you need to help your business thrive, and they're all in one place- Create your sales funnel, track your leads & sales, and nurture your prospects (email marketing, call & emails from the system, and so much more).

What could be better? There’s a free forever plan too! 

Written by:

Kate Virchenko

Senior Marketing Manager

Apr 20, 2022



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