6 Best Marketplaces to Hire Freelancers

Anujin de Bergevin

May 25, 2022

Are you struggling to design a logo for your business? Or maybe, you are frustrated because your efforts to advertise your products are consistently going in vain! Well, you are not alone! 

Many business owners feel that they need professional help in brand promotion, copywriting, logo, website designing, web development, and even accounting. The reason is either lack of the right skills or time. You may need help at any stage of the business lifecycle; thus, a one-off, brief collaboration may be a perfect strategic decision that can help you save money and time. 

Surely, working with people online may look more challenging than handling an in-house team. This is probably why business owners hardly find the 'freelancer hiring' appealing and efficient. 

However, several software and platforms  can help you bypass the struggles, barriers, and limitations of online collaboration. Without worrying much about the quality of services, business owners can now effortlessly navigate and find freelancers. 

It may sometimes look challenging to determine which platform/software to trust and count on. In this article, we have got you covered! Here are the top 6 marketplaces you can rely upon while hiring freelancers. 


This platform connects you with qualified SEO strategists, social media specialists, and copywriters. It has narrowed down its specializations, making it the ideal alternative for getting your one-time tasks done. 

You may need to invest a little time to navigate through the platform and find a suitable growth specialist or marketer who is willing to collaborate with you. Though pro services are a little costly at Fiverr, it's a trustworthy place that guarantees the quality of work.

FIVERR advantages / disadvantages


Among efficient online freelancer hiring platforms, Guru is definitely mention-worthy. It's enriched with numerous professionals from different domains of expertise. Besides, here you can get a clear picture of the pricing, portfolio, and contact information of the professionals you are willing to work with. 

Guru gives you the option of posting information about the tasks that you need to get done, and interested freelancers can respond to your post. Guru is much more efficient and time-saving than Fiverr, and it gives you a higher chance of getting your perfect professional match.

GURU Advantages / disadvantages


Toptal usually works with specialists in software development, interim management, and financial consulting. It offers a pretty competitive and strict freelancer selection process ensuring the service quality. However, specialists from Toptal work only on giant projects.

Besides, the platform has its invoice tracking system which guarantees that all payments and interactions with freelancers will be highly secured. Saying that, the platform is also rather expensive, but it gives you the opportunity of working with the best 3% of freelancers from across different corners of the globe.

Toptal Advantages / disadvantages


Upwork is a flexible platform that boasts a database of millions of expert freelancers from different specializations. From marketing and development to writing and translation, Upwork can help you fulfill your requirements effortlessly. In addition to searching for a freelancer using this platform, you can also post a task or request. 

Upwork notifies the freelancers about your job posting, and in response, they reach out with their proposal. It helps you save a considerable amount of time. Upwork lets you navigate through larger fields of activity like sales and marketing. Additionally, you can also dig deeper into narrowed-down specializations like SEO, advertising, email marketing, etc. 

When you count on Upwork, you enable yourself to set up a team that you will work with regularly or allocate your short-term and recurring projects. Upwork's average price per hour ranges from $100 to $120.

upwork advantages / disadvantages


Though Linkedin is more known as a social media platform and it's not entirely dedicated to freelancing recruitment, you can easily find highly experienced and certified professionals using its effective filters. LinkedIn doesn't have a typical rating system, but it features endorsements and recommendations where you can see the feedback/comments of those who have hired a particular freelancer previously. LinkedIn is amazingly effective when it comes to finding a person to work with, in the long run.

LinkedIn Advantages / disadvantages


SanityDesk is a reliable platform for hiring proven specialists who offer result-driven paid ads, strategy, copywriting, and many other services. The platform has built a community of certified freelancers who can always precisely cater to your growth-oriented hiring requirements. From efficient marketing strategies and brilliant ad copies to well-thought paid ads campaigns - the adept professionals from the SanityDesk marketplace can help you find the assistance you need to grow.

SanityDesk advantages / Disadvantages

In Conclusion

Outsourcing your workforce can offer you a number of fantastic benefits. Compared to a full-time employee, a freelancer can help you save a considerable amount of money on equipment, perks, office space, and supplies. Besides, when you hire a full-time employee, you pay for the entire duration they spend in the office, while a freelancer gets paid only for the time that they devote to working. 

Moreover, freelancers pursue a self-paced profession which pushes them to deliver quality results against a stipulated timeline. Thus, it's always wise to work with skilled freelancers, when it comes to managing your fluctuating workload and justifying your investment to the fullest.

Now that you are aware of the fact that hiring freelancers can help you retain a number of advantages, go ahead and start your search today! If you are looking for an excellent platform to grow your professional connections within a community of highly adept professionals, turn to SanityDesk

The platform has its own marketplace that lets you connect with experts who can help you build your business from scratch. Besides, SanityDesk also introduces you to its all-in-one tool that makes marketing easy for you, helping you take your online marketing to the next level.

Written by:

Anujin de Bergevin

Junior Marketing Manager

May 25, 2022



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